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Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox discusses new album Limbo

Limbo, the new newest album by goth, darkwave masters Clan of Xymox is one of the darkest, most pessimistic albums of the formation. Past pandemic months were not easy for anyone, no surprise then that the albums released during the time do not actually exude optimism. We asked Ronny Moorings, the frontman of the band, about how he had been past few months and about his thoughts and emotions that are reflected on Limbo.

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Business Spotlight

Launching Mystical Twists a Macrame Craft Business during the Pandemic

With the major changes the pandemic has brought about, many creatives have switched gears, started new businesses, and developed new skills. Toronto, Canada based makeup artist Melissa Nicholl channeled her creativity into a new craft, macrame, and used her business skills to launch Mystical Twists. We talked with her about the new endeavor and gained some insight into the new ways people are creating and living.

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Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride on Weddings and the Pandemic

We caught up with Kat Williams the woman behind Rock N Roll Bride to talk about her book on planning an alternative wedding, the magazine, the website, her new podcast The Confidence Club, and building a niche focused business. We ended up talking about wedding postponements, overcoming challenges, balancing positivity with the darker things in life, the power of an online community, and the best mindset one can have during a pandemic.

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