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Artist Spotlight

Noxian Imperium: Juha Arvid Helminen’s Miniature Post-Apocalyptic Art

Auxiliary first interviewed artist Juha Arvid Helminen prior to the Summer 2020 Issue, when Covid was a new problem and no one had any idea how long it would be around or whether a vaccine was even possible. Skip ahead one year and here we are, with some parts of the world gradually opening back up or vaguely hopeful to do that soon, other places not even close, and many still cautious. However, art and creativity persist, sometimes even thriving in isolation. Juha Arvid Helminen is still working, but on a different medium than we covered in the Summer 2020 Issue.

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Business Spotlight

Launching Mystical Twists a Macrame Craft Business during the Pandemic

With the major changes the pandemic has brought about, many creatives have switched gears, started new businesses, and developed new skills. Toronto, Canada based makeup artist Melissa Nicholl channeled her creativity into a new craft, macrame, and used her business skills to launch Mystical Twists. We talked with her about the new endeavor and gained some insight into the new ways people are creating and living.

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