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Winter 2018 Print Issue




The Winter 2018 Print Edition is a print edition delivered by mail in 1-2 weeks. The Winter 2018 Issue is the fifty-second issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. This issue features Matthew Setzer on our cover, our top 20 albums of 2018, music reviews, and beauty and fashion editorials, and more! It also features Alchemy of England, Dunyah, Hauty, Hudson Jeans Los Angeles, MAC Cosmetics, Michelle Überreste, MisterTripleX, Odaingerous, RAGA MAN, Sarah’s Vintage and Antique Jewelry, Skingraft, Spoiled Cherry, Steve Madden, Urban Body Jewelry, The Wardrobe Concierge Allita Lee, and ZEF2DEATH. Plus photography by Saryn Christina, Jennifer Link Kieffer, Temira Decay, and Darron Whitsett.