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Summer 2015 Digital Issue




The Summer August/September 2015 Digital Issue is a downloadable edition delivered by email. The Summer August/September 2015 Issue is the fortieth issue of Auxiliary Magazine. This issue is our fashion issue and features Plastic Martyr as our PinUp, a haunting fashion editorial, a health goth fashion editorial, a latex fashion editorial, a vibrant beauty editorial, a pastel beauty editorial, a Seapunk Siren Style feature, and a Boardshort Must feature. It features fashion by Widow, Hip and Bone, Adala Latex, Apatico, Betsey Johnson, Cats Like Us, Créatures, Dr. Martens, HAWKHOUSE, Heavy Red, Hot Topic, I’m Your Present, Iron Fist, Kayleigh Peddie, Martha Rotten, MessQueen New York, Miss G Designs, Opulent Oddities, Tavik, and more. Plus photography by Jennifer Link, Laura Dark, Saryn Christina, Yannick Alain Gauthier, Fading Grace, and Andrea Hunter, media reviews, music reviews, our Ask Arden advice column, and more!