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Nightcall black platform sandals by YRU

Nightcall black platform sandals by YRU

This week’s Item of the Week, YRU’s Nightcall black platform sandals, are strappy vegan leather platforms that will bring out your inner bondage babe.

Plastik Wrap Cyberpunk Vest

Cyberpunk Vest by Plastik Wrap

Auxiliary’s Item of the Week is the futuristic, subtle, utilitarian men’s Cyberpunk Vest by beloved Canadian designer Plastik Wrap.

Kreepsville 666 Web White Skater spiderweb skirt

Web White Skater Skirt by Kreepsville 666

Auxiliary’s Item of the Week the Web White Skater Skirt by Kreepsville 666 is the perfect skirt for enjoying the summer heat in nu goth or gothabilly style.

Ouija Planchette Necklace Smarmy Clothes

Ouija Planchette Necklace by Smarmy Clothes

This week’s Item of the Week is the Ouija Planchette Necklace by Smarmy Clothes, a made to order necklace in black acrylic that is creepy cute!

The Beautiful People music video by Roniit

Vocalist, songwriter, and visual artist Roniit covered Marilyn Manson’s iconic song “The Beautiful People” and produced a music video for it to showcase Killstar’s clothing and to share a message.

Evanescence In Concert Tour

Evanescence In Concert Tour

The Evanescence In Concert Tour is out to promote their upcoming vinyl LP release “The Ultimate Collection” and will continue in South America in 2017.

Stabbing Westward at Dracula's Ball

Stabbing Westward at Dracula’s Ball

This past Halloween in Philadelphia the 30th anniversary of Stabbing Westward was celebrated at the 68th Dracula’s Ball.

Vote for the Best Alternative Music of 2016

Vote for the Best Music of 2016

Cast your vote for the best alternative, subculture, unique, or independent Band, Album, Music Video, and DJ of 2016!

Owl Nesting Dolls Set by Savage Artworks

With our Item of the Week, offer up a gift that will add woodland whimsy to any home, this hand-painted owl nesting dolls by Savage Artworks.

Pentacle Etched Leather Tarot Cards Case by Contrived to Charm

Our Item of the Week, the pentacle etched case by luxury leather accessory brand Contrived to Charm is the perfect gift.

Auxiliary Cover Model Agata Waclawska

We had the chance to interview two-time Auxiliary cover model Agata Waclawska about modeling, acting in TV and film, and her personal interests as a self-described nerd.

interview : Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation

Dutch symphonic rock group Within Temptation recently released Hydra, an album two years in the making. Front woman Sharon den Adel discusses with Auxiliary the new album, on-stage beauty and fashion, and the balance between family and life on the road.

beauty editorial : Keeper of Dreams

Feathered, horned, armored, and chained headpieces for the fiercest one of them all.

beauty editorial : Songstress

The synthpop princess, the new wave icon, and the bohemian queen.

item of the week : As Above, So Below Fragrance Set by Haute Macabre

Haute Macabre’s latest limited edition product, this time in collaboration with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, is perfect for winter for yourself or as a gift.

item of the week : Viva Glam The Original Lipstick and Lipglass by MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is returning to the roots of their Viva Glam line by reintroducing the original 1994 Viva Glam spokesperson, RuPaul.

film review : Frankenweenie

Is Tim Burton’s newest film Frankenweenie, a feature-length remake of his 1984 short film of the same name and a dark-humored nod to classic horror movies released just in time for Halloween, worth a trip to the theater?

artist spotlight : Vincent Marcone of My Pet Skeleton

He is the name behind many award-winning artworks, films, music videos, and album covers. Vincent Marcone is also a musician, forming one part of a trio in the band Johnny Hollow, an outlet that…

interview : Dr. Paul Koudounaris

The venerable Dr. Paul Koudounaris talks about his internationally esteemed book, The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses and gives us a look into the…

film review : Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

The Angriest Critic wonders, does a good book, with a historical fact and vampire horror adventure winning combo, make a good movie? by Adam Rosina When I first picked up…

Kickstarter Testimonials

One of the very best things about our Kickstarter to launch print and digital subscriptions has been all the wonderful feedback we’ve received from everyone! Including the great testimonial videos we gathered for our Kickstarter video.

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Auxiliary June/July 2014 Swimwear Editorial Behind the Scenes

One Week Left of our Subscriptions Launch Kickstarter!

Over the first three weeks of our campaign we have added many updates to our Subscriptions Launch Kickstarter!

The Reclaim T-Shirt Collection

Introducing the first Auxiliary T-shirts, the Reclaim Collection, a collaboration between Auxiliary Magazine and James S. Cole, shot by Jennifer Link and modeled by Erin Moser.