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Gloomth Ghost Story Collection

Gloomth Ghost Story Collection

Gloomth’s latest collection Ghost Story was inspired by whispered ghost stories told by candlelight, folklore, and real life hauntings.

Auxiliary's Item of the Week the Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal

The Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal is a Fresh piece for Spring

Our Item of the Week, The Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal is a calming reminder of the cyclic nature of the universe and a fresh addition to your wardrobe for spring.

Bibian Blue MYTH Collection

Bibian Blue Fall/Winter 2016/2017 MYTH Collection

Bibian Blue’s Fall/Winter 2016/2017 MYTH Collection is infused with romantic iconography from Pre-Raphaelite concepts to age-old depictions of earthen nymphs and magic.

Auxiliary Crisiswear

Crisiswear blend Cyberpunk and Steampunk to create their Fashion Forward Future

To welcome our new advertiser Crisiswear we chatted with designer Flux about the cyberpunk meets steampunk label and his motto of, “future forward fashion.”

OVER is Creating Music for Revolution

OVER is creating music for revolution. As seen and interviewed in our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup feature, here is an introduction to them and their music.

The Wraith Revive Deathrock in Los Angeles with a Dose of Gloom

The Wraith revive deathrock in Los Angeles with a dose of gloom. We interviewed them for our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup.

5 Toronto Subculture DJ Streams playing through the Pandemic

In the face of the pandemic, subculture music DJs have turned to live streams to keep events going, to maintain some form of income, and even to raise funds for venues which still face steep rent but can’t earn it by being open for business. We rounded up five streams coming out of Toronto, some continuations of live events and some new programs, to keep us dancing at home.

Totenwald is Punk for a New Cold World

An introduction to dark punk band Totenwald, one of the artists interviewed for our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup.

Auxiliary Magazine Copy Editor Dylan Madeley

A Contributor Spotlight on our Copy Editor Dylan Madeley

Get to know our contributors better with our Contributor Spotlights, this time we are focusing on our copy editor Dylan Madeley.

Auxiliary Magazine Cemetery Confessions podcast interview

The Cemetery Confessions podcast delivers a community discussion across borders

Auxiliary interviews those behind the ongoing widely available podcast Cemetery Confessions on The Belfry Network and highlight its history and purpose. With each episode hosts The Count and Trae and special guests tackle deep and lengthy discussions of the goth community.

S’mores Dragon Sticker by Earl Grey Paper brings magic back to summer

When we’re young, summer holds the promise of adventure and endless possibility. Not all of us feel so free during the season once we venture deep into adulthood. Find some summer magic again with our Item Spotlight, the S’mores Dragon Sticker by Earl Grey Paper.

DJs Mistress McCutchan (left) and Batty von Bats (right)

The Cat vs Bat podcast discusses pressing issues in the subculture

On May 19, 2019, Cat vs. Bat Podcast will celebrate one year of discussing music, debating the pressing issues of the subculture, interviewing interesting people, and having many good laughs.

Elvira Cologne Collection by Demeter

Demeter Crafts Scents Inspired by Elvira Mistress of the Dark and More

Smell like Elvira Mistress of the Dark, a zombie, black roses, holy water, and more with unique carefully crafted scents by Demeter Fragrance Library.

Black Magic Collection Concrete Minerals witchy eyeshadow

Black Magic Collection by Concrete Minerals

Our Item of the Week, The Black Magic Collection by Concrete Minerals is a great addition to your makeup kit and the perfect witchy eyeshadow set for a spellbinding smokey eye.

Zombettie Liquid Lipstick by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

Our Item of the Week comes from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics who create a vegan and cruelty-free line of liquid lipsticks in bold colors from black to cotton candy blue.

Radiant Glow Gift Set by Odacite

Our Item of the Week, The Odacite Radiant Glow Gift Set can be a great holiday gift for going the natural route.

Vote for the Best Alternative Artist of 2016

Vote for the Best Artist of 2016

Cast your vote for the best alternative, subculture, unique, or independent Artist of 2016!

The Hunger vampire movie poster

10 Vampire Films to watch leading up to The Hunger

In honor of David Bowie’s passing earlier this year, here is a vampire film viewing suggestion… 10 vampire films leading up to The Hunger as the finale.

Auxiliary Reclaim Industrial T-Shirt

Interview with Kickstarter Patron James S. Cole

Illustrator James S. Cole whose work focuses on the dichotomy between life and death collaborated with us to design Auxiliary’s first T-shirts and we asked him a few questions about himself and his work.

Support the new Goth: The True Story of Post-Punk book

Musician and journalist John Robb is currently seeking funds for a new book detailing the history of postpunk.

Auxiliary Magazine Winter 2017 Issue

Winter 2017 Issue Out Now!

The Winter 2017 Issue features Vapor, Mother of London, Jagoda Bartczak, RFD by Rachel Frank, Spoiled Cherry, and more!

Auxiliary Magazine Holiday 2017 Issue

Holiday 2017 Issue Out Now!

The Holiday 2017 Issue features Xlcr Moon, Laura Dark, Legend, Faye Hindle, NO.RR 312 STUDIO, Versatile Corsets, and more!

Fall 2017 Issue Out Now!

The Fall 2017 Issue features La Carmina, , Jacqueline Marie Mourning, Sharon TK, Jin N Tonic, Alex No, and more!

Auxiliary Magazine Spring 2017 Issue

Spring 2017 Issue Out Now!

The Spring 2017 Issue features Mr.Kitty, Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, 3teeth, !!!, Nadya Lev, and more!