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fashion find : Black Milk Game of Thrones Collection

The new season of Game of Thrones premiered this week and recently Black Milk paid tribute to the TV show in stretchy shiny nylon and launched a Game of Thrones line in collaboration with HBO.

item of the week : Mistress Overbust Corset by Burleska Corsets

We had the luxury of working with the Mistress Overbust Corset in stylish black taffeta and detailed in ribbon that laces up the sides by Burleska Corsets based out of London and it is our featured item of the week.

fashion editorial : Kicking Around

Punk meets nu goth meets grunge in our Kicking Around fashion editorial shot by Kale Beaudry featuring designs by Andee Karleen and Nicole Guzzo.

Thaw 7

fashion editorial : Thaw

Bohemian meets nordic in our Thaw fashion editorial for a natural transition into spring shot by Katia Pershin and styled by Chris Hnain.

in attendance : Aftermath Festival – Day 3

Toronto ON, May 24 – The third day of the Aftermath Festival continued along the same vein as the second: a lineup that alternated refreshingly between more dynamic and less dynamic…

in attendance : Aftermath Festival – Day 2

On the second day of the Aftermath Festival, there was something for everyone: a bit of riffing, a lot of rhythm, and altogether a fun evening for those gathered.

music video : Grimes – Go ft. Blood Diamonds

Whether you like the new Grimes track “Go” or not, there is no denying she can make some visually interesting music videos.


in attendance : Aftermath Festival – Day 1

Editor Dylan Madeley was in attendance on the first evening of the Aftermath Festival in Toronto featuring God Module, Die Sektor, Wychdoktor, Encephalon, Mordacious and Apriorism.

PinUp : Amelia Nightmare

With a number of magazine covers already under her belt, the California based Amelia Nightmare recently arrived into the world of modeling from working as a hair stylist and makeup…

PinUp : Audrey Kitching

Making her own way amongst media-made personalities, Hollywood based Audrey Kitching is a multi-faceted, self-made phenom. Now the owner of two clothing brands inspired by punk and vintage fashions, Tokyolux…

ask arden : Valentine’s Day edition

Valentine’s Day, some hate it, some love it.  Today we have a special online edition of “Ask Arden”, our new advice column where Arden Leigh, today’s freshest voice on women’s dating and…

mlaagg final installment : Oct/Nov 2010 and Dec/Jan 2010/2011

The Dec/Jan 2010/2011 Issue saw the final installment of My Life as a Goth Girl, an article that has been in the magazine since the first issue two years ago.…


Adornments that make a statement, whether they are a gift to your lover or simply a gift to yourself. Photographer : Luke Copping Fashion Stylist : Meagan Breen Makeup Artist…

Valentine a’la Mode

by Vanity Kills beauty picks just in time for Valentine’s Day To some, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with single people everywhere ranting on their blogs about the invalidity of the…

Festive Beauty beauty editorial

Rich colors, feathers, and lace create the perfect looks for the season in our Festive Beauty fashion editorial photographed by Jennifer Link.

Vanity Kills

You Need Not Fear Color

Vanity Kills thinks your look might be getting old! Here are some beauty tips on how to change up your makeup.

the videos are dead : because I am in a terrible amount of pain…

Because I am in a terrible amount of pain due to a nasty bacterial infection in my ear and throat, today’s collection is all videos in which someone suffers severe…

the videos are dead, long live the videos!

Wallowing in my insomnia, as I usually am, I came to the delayed realization that it has been quite some time since I saw a decent block of music videos…

potential life studios

by Kaci Smith You will not find generic landscape paintings at Potential Life Studios.  This avant-garde arts space is Rochester, New York’s answer to its lack of places to exhibit…

10 80s B movies you all need to watch again

Get a case of beer, a crate of liquor, and enough junk food to last you the weekend (No Stuff, please). We are going to sit down and watch the…

April/May 2010 issue out now!

The April/May issue is the ninth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle.  This issue we have a several great interviews, including Adriana Fulop fashion designer behind Plastik…

february print issues now available!

Print copies of the February/March Issue of Auxiliary Magazine are now available for purchase online!  They are available through MagCloud at for $15.  As always Auxiliary Magazine is available online…

Auxiliary February/March 2010 cover

February/March 2010 Issue Out Now!

The February/March 2010 Issue features Doe Deere of Lime Crime, Tim Burton, Kerosene Deluxe, Iszoloscope, and more.

read Auxiliary on your phone

Issuu, the online magazine viewer we use, launched Issuu Mobile today.  It is compatible with Android phones and soon they will be releasing a version for iPhone. Now you can…

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