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runway : Eolith at FAT 2014

Eolith a collaboration of designers from Toronto and Montreal showed a futuristic minimalist collection at FAT Toronto’s Arts & Fashion Week.

FAT 2014 Wallace Playford

runway : Wallace Playford at FAT 2014

The first night of FAT Toronto’s Arts & Fashion Week kicked off with a playful, witty, and fun slumber party collection from Wallace Playford.

Dahlia Deranged

item of the week : The Vampire Goddess Sunglasses by Dahlia Deranged

Our Item of the Week The Vampire Goddess Sunglasses by Dahlia Deranged is perfect addition to your summertime survival bag for those always on the hunt for palatable accessories for time in the sun.

behind the scenes : June/July 2014 fashion editorial

Here’s a little sneak peak at our upcoming June/July 2014 fashion editorial shot in Toronto last week and styled by our fashion editor Tasha Farrington!

music video : Bestial Mouths – Faceless

This week’s music video comes from LA based goth, postpunk, new wave, electonic band Bestial Mouths and is for the track “Faceless” on their self title album.

music video : Austra – Habitat

Synthpop, dark wave Toronto based Austra have new music out with a new EP Habitat. With this new EP comes a new music video for the title track “Habitat”.

music video : Liars – Pro Anti Anti

Today’s music video brings us the creation and life of an art piece in the form of “Pro Anti Anti” the newest music video from Liars’ new album Mess.

Pretty Disaster Music Video IndieGoGo

DIY funding : Pretty Disaster Music Video

Auxiliary contributor and PinUp Cassia Crawl is making a dreamscape music video for her second trip hop solo project single “Pretty Disaster” and is raising funds via crowd funding.

the PinUp : Cassia Sparkle in House of Etiquette

An artist and model, Cassia Sparkle of Toronto shines in so many ways. In addition to being an emerging, popular alternative model she is currently designer of an accessories and…

interview : Amelia Arsenic

For some it’s hard to balance a career with play and creativity but Angelspit’s Amelia Arsenic does so with seeming tirelessness. As a designer about to release two new lines…

PinUp : Amelia Nightmare

With a number of magazine covers already under her belt, the California based Amelia Nightmare recently arrived into the world of modeling from working as a hair stylist and makeup…

PinUp : Audrey Kitching

Making her own way amongst media-made personalities, Hollywood based Audrey Kitching is a multi-faceted, self-made phenom. Now the owner of two clothing brands inspired by punk and vintage fashions, Tokyolux…

Yaby : Liquid Foundation

Don’t let the small size of the packaging fool you, these 8mm tubes of foundation pack a punch and a little goes a long way. About the size of a…

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics : Lip Tar

During our visit to the International Makeup Artists Trade Show this weekend in Toronto (a review of the event coming soon) there was one product that everyone was buzzing about so…

beauty editorial : fatal femmes

Hollywood inspired glamour for a classic Halloween photographer : Jennifer Link makeup artist : Designs by LJ hair stylist : Marlo Marquise models : Marlo Marquise and Kess M view…

nails are making a big comeback

If you are anything like me, you have four main nail styles. Black polish, red polish, nude, and beat to all hell. Previously neglected, nails are making a big comeback…

super sonic hump day retro rewind : Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)

Damn catchy! Rozalla’s biggest hit was released in 1991, and has been a huge hit multiple times over with a variety of remixes and re-releaes stretching out in the 2000s.…

super sonic hump day retro rewind : This is Your Night

I was blessed, as a pop starved teenager growing up in the 90s, to receive several copies of the Dance Mix USA series of compilations from well meaning but misguided…

the queen city gets slimed

After nearly twenty years Buffalo, NY director and writer Greg Lamberson is working on the upcoming film, Slime City Massacre, the sequel to his 80s cult gem Slime City.  A…

the videos are dead : top 10 underrated 80s metal videos

10 Loudness – This Lonely Heart Unbelievably awesome hair metal from the land of the rising sun!!  Now with more slow motion water drinking than an Evian ad! 9 Vinnie…

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August/September 2010 Issue out now!

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June/July 2010 issue out now!

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April/May 2010 issue out now!

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