music video : Combichrist – From My Cold Dead Hands

First new music from Combichrist’s upcoming album comes in the form of a lyric video for “From My Cold Dead Hands”.

Dec/Jan 13/14 Playlist Header

playlist : December/January 2013/2014 Issue

Listen to our music editor Mike Kieffer’s selection of tracks from the features and the albums reviewed in the December/January 2013/2014 Issue and some others good songs we came across.

music video : Erasure – Make It Wonderful

It’s hard to find holiday and Christmas music you’d actually want to listen to. Synthpop duo Erasure have a new holiday album Snow Globe if you want to get in the holiday spirit but need some music you can stomach.

music video : Cut Copy – Free Your Mind

Watch Alexander Skarsgard walk around in a robe with no shirt and run around in white briefs in Cut Copy’s “Free Your Mind” music video.

interview : Youth Code

Dissatisfied with some of the present sounds of EBM and industrial, Sara Taylor and Ryan William George are staging a sonic revolution as Youth Code. They talked to Auxiliary about their first self titled album Youth Code, their first tour, the ups and downs of hype, and where they expect Youth Code to go in the future.

seven deadly questions : Psyclon Nine

Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine reveals how he sins.

music video : Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf

Little red riding hood, the big bad wolf, and an all around fun music video from Aesthetic Perfection for “Big Bad Wolf” off their upcoming album ‘Til Death.

playlist : October/November 2013 Issue

Listen to our music editor Mike Kieffer’s selection of tracks from the features and the albums reviewed in the October/November 2013 Issue!

music video : Lovelorn Dolls – After Dark

It’s nothing new for Lovelorn Dolls, but their new music video’s dark fairy tale aesthetic fits nicely in with current pop culture trends.

on this day : Depeche Mode releases “Blasphemous Rumours” – October 29, 1984

Depeche Mode released “Blasphemous Rumours” as a single with “Somebody” on the B-side.

in attendance : Codex 2 Festival

This was the little festival that could, small in scope but big in performance and quality. Codex serves the underground of EDM focusing on electronic sub genres such as rhythmic noise, drum and bass, atmospheric IDM, and minimal techno.

on this day : Stiv Bators born – October 22, 1949

The punk rock pioneer would be 64 today if he wasn’t struck dead by a taxi while crossing the street in Paris in 1990.

music video : Gary Numan – Love Hurt Bleed

Gary Numan has a new album out October 15th and he released a music video for “Love Hurt Bleed” where he rocks an Edwardian style ensemble and eyeliner with a set of creepy skull children.

music video : Jon Hopkins featuring Purity Ring – Breathe This Air

Check out the haunting track and accompanying video “Breathe This Air” by Jon Hopkins featuring Megan James of Purity Ring.

on this day : David Bowie’s “Fame” hits #1 – September 20, 1975

The first US #1 hit for David Bowie was co-written by John Lennon.

seven deadly questions : Ayria

Jennifer Parkin of Ayria reveals how she sins.

interview : The Mission

Beloved UK gothic rockers The Mission interviewed in our August/September 2013 Issue continue to rock and roll.

music review : Valerie Gentile – Love is Luxury

Music review of Valerie Gentile’s new EP Love is Luxury, four tracks of industrial goth shoegaze goodness.

music video : Legend – Amazon War

Legend’s new music video “Amazon War” serves as an eerie introduction to their next chapter as hype will likely only escalate as their spot on the Kinetik Festival lineup in May 2014 approaches.

interview : Cold Cave

Cold Cave, the music of Wesley Eisold, interviewed in our August/September 2013 Issue has taken a strong foothold as part of the new sound of the goth/industrial scene.

on this day : Siouxsie and the Banshees release Peepshow – September 5, 1988

With their 9th album Peepshow Siouxsie and the Banshees finally cracked the Billboard Top 100 and MTV.

on this day : Sneaker Pimps release debut Becoming X – August 19, 1996

It was the golden age of trip hop. And The Sneaker Pimps benefited quite a bit from the attention American club DJs were paying to this new British dance music…

on this day : Nine Inch Nails plays Woodstock – August 13, 1994

Woodstock 94, with its 350,00 sweaty moshing kids, and millions of TV viewers, introduced Trent and co. to the masses.

music review : These New Puritans – Field of Reeds

Fans of 2010’s Hidden be warned: this is a very different animal for These New Puritans. Gone are the tribal drums, the samples of swords and chains, the excited, kinetic moments, and inspired chants sent with venom and vinegar.

on this day : Dead or Alive’s Pete Burns born – August 5, 1959

Happy Birthday, Pete Burns. You’re 54 today.

interview : Skinny Puppy

Auxiliary caught up with industrial legends Skinny Puppy on the occasion of the release of their fifteenth studio album, Weapon. Founding members and self-described “industrial hippies” Ogre and cEvin Key discuss the creation of the new album and where Skinny Puppy stands in relation to much of industrial music today.

interview : Sex Gang Children

Andi Sex Gang, lead singer of the influential 80s Batcave era postpunk gothic rock band Sex Gang Children, and a solo artist in his own right, discusses the new SGC album Viva Vigilante! and many memorable moments in time.

introduction : OOFJ

Introduction interview with OOFJ from the June/July 2013 Issue.

on this day : The Lost Boys premieres – July 31, 1987

The success of this horror-comedy made vampires the domain of the teenager, complete with a bad-ass soundtrack.

in attendance : Artoffact Records Showcase

Artoffact Records of Toronto, Canada has a number of fantastic artists on their roster, some new, some old and the opportunity to bring some of them together presented itself in June of 2013 at the Artoffact Records Showcase.

on this day : Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore born – July 23, 1961

Happy birthday, Martin Gore. You’re 52 today! I salute you for writing “People are People”, “Personal Jesus”, “Enjoy the Silence”, and so many Depeche Mode minor chord classics. For your…

interview : Legend

Auxiliary’s Hangedman ran into Iceland underground notable Krummi Bjorgvinsson and talked to him about his much acclaimed new project Legend.

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