Auxiliary Kollaps Interview

Wade Black of Australian Post-Industrial Kollaps on Upcoming Album Until The Day I Die

Australian post-industrial project, Kollaps, famous for their harsh, aggressive yet peculiarly harmonic music and even more extraordinary shows, have an upcoming album Until The Day I Die. We talked about the Dadaist and Burroughs inspirations, the new LP, the tour and life in relation to the pandemic, the tour and life in war times, and more with Wade Black, the leader of Kollaps.

Support Ukraine through Darkwave and Post-punk Music

Ukraine has a very rich culture and within the past several years, there has been some excellent music released within the darkwave/post-punk realm from Ukrainians. While it’s easy to feel helpless in these chaotic times, supporting artists and donating money is a great idea and way to help. Here is a small list of highlights to check out.

Caroline Blind on The Spell Between and upcoming performance at Goth City Festival

To welcome our new advertiser UTM Music Group, we chatted with their artist Caroline Blind about her past with Sunshine Blind and beyond, her last album The Spell Between, life through the pandemic, and her upcoming performance at Goth City Festival in Leeds.

Darkpop duo 6XT7 release new version of and music video for “Hello Darkness”

A few days after celebrating the New Year, darkpop duo 6XT7 announced on their social media and official website they would be releasing a new version of and music video for “Hello Darkness”, one of their best songs, on January 19, 2022. Is it a reboot indicating a new identity?

Ashbury Heights discusses new single “Cutscenes” and upcoming album Ghost House Sessions

The Swedish synthpop duo Ashbury Heights recently released their new single “Cutscenes”, where they join forces with Danny Blu. We discuss not only the said release or the cooperation with Danny, but also the band’s approach to music-making, video making, and the general evolution of musicians as artists.

6XT7 on new music video “Pierce”

Shortly after our exclusive interview with the band, we had the great pleasure of reuniting with 6XT7, the LA-based goth trap metal band for the promotion of their new single and music video “Pierce”.

Ronny Moorings of Clan of Xymox discusses new album Limbo

Limbo, the new newest album by goth, darkwave masters Clan of Xymox is one of the darkest, most pessimistic albums of the formation. Past pandemic months were not easy for anyone, no surprise then that the albums released during the time do not actually exude optimism. We asked Ronny Moorings, the frontman of the band, about how he had been past few months and about his thoughts and emotions that are reflected on Limbo.

ACTROS Acts of Worship Auxiliary Magazine Interview

ACTORS bring a Fresh Vibe to Post-Punk with New Album Acts of Worship

ACTORS are really speeding up as far as their musical efforts are concerned. With the release of two new singles, “Only Lonely” and “Strangers”, a new album Acts of Worship to be out in October, and a North American tour to kick off on September 9th they are as creative as busy. Set in fine sonic stylistics and old school aesthetics, they add a new, fresh vibe to what you know as post-punk. We talked with Jason Corbett, the band’s frontman, about the upcoming tour, new release, video making, and if they are planning to become real actors.

Auxiliary Magazine Obscura Undead Interview

Obscura Undead Fosters Online Goth Community

By the end of March last year, most of the world was locking down and that included the clubs. Like previous streams Auxiliary has featured, Obscura Undead understood the need and quickly launched a Twitch stream to pair with their YouTube channel. In this Stream Spotlight we interview Azy, one of the main forces behind Obscura Undead.


Alice Gift Embraces New Sound with Debut Album “Alles Ist Gift”

Alice Gift, former member of Berlin-based Velvet Condom and Liste Noir, releases his debut solo album Alles Ist Gift and we have the premiere of his new music video “Blue is Not Your Color”.

The Future is Dark and Moody with the Indonesian Teen Post-Punk of Camlann

Jakarta-based Camlann are creating a buzz for themselves as some of the youngest producers of contemporary post-punk. As seen in the Emerging feature of our Fall 2020 Issue, here’s a closer look at the band and their music.

G.L.A.M.S. in Paris

G.L.A.M.S. performed in Paris at l’International on February, 29 2020, before concerts and tours around the world were put on hold, and we caught the show and had a chat.

Into the Daydream: The Lush Atmospheric World of Fatamorgana

The music of Fatamorgana is a synth-infused daydream. As seen in the Emerging feature of our Summer 2020 Issue, here is an introduction to the artist and their music.

HaLO 2020 album cover

HaLO 2020 Compilation Showcases Fresh Talent

We interviewed Matt Fanale aka Caustic about the HaLo 2020 compilation, the goals of its release, and the impact of Bandcamp Fridays.

Exploring the Dark Landscape of Fotocrime

Fotocrime offers deceptively simple songs that feel equally danceable and melancholic through the emotive vocals, gritty bass lines, and the use of synth in a minimal sense. As seen in the Emerging feature of our Summer 2020 Issue, here is an introduction to the artist and their music.

Blu Anxxiety Pushes Forward with Confrontational Synthpunk

Blu Anxxiety, “wanted to make a band with a new type of sound that had influences of goth/industrial, hip hop, and freestyle, but with a political message centered around police and prison abolition, indigenous resistance, and dismantling white supremacy.
” As seen in the Emerging feature of our Summer 2020 Issue, here is an introduction to the artist and their music.

Aurat Redefines Representation in Alternative Music

Taking cues from the sounds of darkwave, postpunk, new wave, and Bollywood, Aurat are based in southern California with the goal of bringing, “something different to the current scene.” As seen and interviewed in our Summer 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup feature, here is an introduction to the artist and their music.

DJs The Wasteland (left) and Mistress McCutchan (right)

It’s Midnight Somewhere Podcast Builds Musical Community in North America

Two former Brooklyn DJs, Mistress McCutchan and The Wasteland, one an experienced podcaster and the other a newbie, have teamed up to bring us the It’s Midnight Somewhere Podcast with the goal of developing a sense of community between North American alternative music scenes.

The Black Halos release charity single remembering Chi Pig

On July 16, 2020, Ken Chinn aka Chi Pig passed away. The punk rock community has shown an outpouring of grief for the influential SNFU frontman. Now The Black Halos have announced the release of a charity single celebrating his life and raising money for the Chi Pig mural fund.

Rotten UK’s Lovecraftian Chaos Magick of UK82 Punk

Rotten UK is Lovecraftian chaos magick of UK82 punk. As seen and interviewed in our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup feature, here is an introduction to them and their music.

OVER is Creating Music for Revolution

OVER is creating music for revolution. As seen and interviewed in our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup feature, here is an introduction to them and their music.

The Wraith Revive Deathrock in Los Angeles with a Dose of Gloom

The Wraith revive deathrock in Los Angeles with a dose of gloom. We interviewed them for our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup.

5 Toronto Subculture DJ Streams playing through the Pandemic

In the face of the pandemic, subculture music DJs have turned to live streams to keep events going, to maintain some form of income, and even to raise funds for venues which still face steep rent but can’t earn it by being open for business. We rounded up five streams coming out of Toronto, some continuations of live events and some new programs, to keep us dancing at home.

Totenwald is Punk for a New Cold World

An introduction to dark punk band Totenwald, one of the artists interviewed for our Spring 2020 Issue Emerging band lineup.

Auxiliary Pandemic Impact on Subculture Music Aesthetic Perfection

Subculture Music in the Time of the Pandemic

In three separate interviews, Daniel Graves of industrial pop band Aesthetic Perfection, goth pop band WINGTIPS, and dark pop sorceress Roniit shared with Auxiliary Magazine what changed for them when the pandemic called for us all to stay inside, what they are doing, and what supporters can do for artists today.

Bauhaus Reunion

Bauhaus made their final appearance of a limited-date reunion tour in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium and Azam Ali opened for Bauhaus on this final night. We were lucky to catch the show!

Substance 2019

Substance was a two-day festival in Los Angeles held at the historic Los Angeles Theatre on the 1st and 2nd of November with Gary Numan and Boy Harsher as respective headliners.


Pink Turns Blue in Los Angeles

Pink Turns Blue are currently on tour and stopped in Los Angeles for a show on September 15th at The Echoplex.

The Old Gods of New Berlin, an EP by Johnny Hollow

The Old Gods of New Berlin by Johnny Hollow music review

Five years after A Collection of Creatures, Johnny Hollow keeps to a shorter and sweet EP length with their new release, The Old Gods of New Berlin.

Attrition 3

Attrition with Indarra, Subterranea, and Vancorvid in Toronto

UK industrial darkwave legends Attrition like to visit Toronto every so often, and this time it happened at the Rivoli on March 16, 2019. Three opening bands fleshed out the evening’s lineup.

Peter Murphy 40 Years of Bauhaus Ruby Celebration

Peter Murphy is touring to celebrate 40 years of Bauhaus and playing albums in their entirety. We caught his live show in Anaheim at The City National Grove on January 16th 2019.

DJ Spotlight: Joe VIrus

DJ Joe Virus of The Church in Dallas

Dallas resident and fixture of the dark alternative scene, DJ Joe Virus has been DJing since the 90s and performing live music with various outfits. We spoke with Joe about the path that led him to DJing Dallas’ largest goth/alternative club night at The Church and how he stays inspired musically.

Cloak & Dagger Festival 2018

After a successful debut last year, the second installment of the Cloak & Dagger Festival took place in downtown Los Angeles at the historic Los Angeles Theatre. We were there to check out the various aspects of this unique event featuring live music and immersive theatre.

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