designer spotlight : Rose Mortem

February/March 2013 Issue designer spotlight on Rose Mortem plus Auxiliary Online Content not seen in the issue!

fashion editorial : Heartbreaker

Featuring fashions by Violet Designs, BlackIris Designs, Lia Valdez, Adala, and more. photographer : Amena Assaily creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz makeup artist : Ashley Lynne Regnier hair stylist : Sarah Majkut models : Faery Lepidoptera, Melissa Dale…

inspiration : Bad Charlotte – shiny noir

Shiny noir inspiration feature with Bad Charlotte in Artifice Clothing, La Plume Noir, and Corset Connection shot by Le Mew Photography.

item of the week : Ayre Leather Messenger Bag by Divina Denuevo

The Ayre Leather Messenger Bag, our item of the week, is a handcrafted accessory which carries with it a unique treasure of the past and the mindset to help bring us into our future.

style : Blushing Cupid

With the Blushing Cupid style concept from the February/March 2013 Issue, if you are daring enough you only need to know how to combine your finest lingerie and studded boots to create a blushing ensemble to steal anyone’s heart from them at first sight. Check out Auxiliary Online Content not seen in the issue.

digital editorial : Attitude

Attitude digital fashion editorial featuring bodysuits Ashley Rose Couture Designs and shot by Boss Lady Photography.

item of the week : Freunde x Black by Vitaly Design

The Freunde x Black ring by Vitaly Design is a black ceramic and stainless steel unisex double ring is a simple and striking statement piece.

digital editorial : Cyberella

Cyberella digital fashion editorial shot by Cristy Elaine Photography. Cybernetic, synthetic, electronic, robotic.

item of the week : Minnie Top by House of Etiquette

The Minnie Top with its high collar, slightly puffed sleeves, and peplum detailing is a mix of vintage and modern and definitely a latex fashionista must.

item of the week : The Heartbreaker by Horribly Elcectic

Horribly Eclectic’s “Heartbreaker” cocktail hat is fun, flirty, and spells it out loud and clear, you are a heart breaker, potential lovers have been warned!

item of the week : Audrey Spike by Jeffrey Campbell

This is the Audrey Spike, covered in dangerously daring spikes and studs, lace tie up details, and let’s not forget the razor teeth cut out. I know wearing these Jeffrey Campbell heels will make you feel like you can take a big bite out of life and anything it throws at you.

item of the week : The Night Collar by COVEN by Sonia Kang

COVEN by Sonia Kang is the one of the freshest jewelry designers hailing from Toronto, Canada. The Night Collar is a unisex piece sure to grab some attention.

item of the week : Alice T-Shirt by Akumu Ink

Alice, oh Alice, I do so never get tired of all the incarnations of Alice. And why would I when there are amazing designers like Akumu Ink out there? Akumu Ink’s new Alice T-Shirt is this week’s item of the week.

digital editorial : Morning Light

Top by Katie Kutthroat and skirt by BCBG Maximaria paired with jewelry by London Manori and vintage hat. photographer : Jennifer Erickson makeup artist : Mynxii White hair stylist : Mynxii White model : Mynxii White Right, model’s own jacket and shirt paired with BCBG Maximaria skirt…

fashion editorial : Kokabiel

Kokabiel fashion editorial shot by Jonathan Hooper, styled by Pretty Deadly Stylz, and featuring Myles Sexton.

item of the week : Triangulated Cuff Bracelet by Archetype Z

image source I am falling in love with the different works being created in 3D, and Archetype Z are one of those designers I am keeping my eye on. One of my favorite pieces by them is the Triangulated Cuff geometric bracelet in black. It’s…

digital editorial : Wherever I May Roam

Wherever I May Roam digital fashion editorial shot by Andrea Kuhn and styled by Kirill Skorzov on location in Berlin, Germany.

designer spotlight : Futurstate

interview by : Vanity Kills photographer : Ian Compton creative director : Pretty Deadly Stylz fashion stylist : Pretty Deadly Stylz makeup artist : Jesse Young hair stylist : Jesse Young model : Christine MacGibbon Nearly ten years ago Futurstate’s Laura Stewart undertook the challenge…

item of the week : Ouija Garter Socks and Garters by Too Fast

image source The word trendy has a negative connotation, but trends are not always bad. A more positive view is that trends are the pulse of the collective fashion conscious. Really the key to trends are to follow along with them only when they really tickle…

digital editorial : Devil In Satin

Devil In Satin digital fashion editorial shot by Marisa Pike featuring fashions by Kelly Cercone aka Anachronism In Action.

fashion editorial : Tempered

Featuring fashions by Strange Vixen. photographer : Liz Besanson makeup artist : Casey Tolbert hair stylist : Alaina Ray model : Alexa Nicole AUXILIARY ONLINE CONTENT [ additional images not seen in the December/January 2012/2013 Issue ] view the full editorial in the December/January 2012/2013 Issue

spotlight editorial : CandiWorld

CandiWorld spotlight editorial featuring RazorCandi and shot by Bodo Janos Attila.

item of the week : Drowning In Cocktails Dress by Lip Service

New Years Eve is next week and that means parties and ritzy dresses. The Drowning In Cocktails Dress from the Disco Killer line by subculture fashion staples Lip Service, is the perfect NYE dress.

fashion editorial : Sugar High

Sugar High fashion editorial shot by Sequoia Emmanuelle, styled by Jessica Huerta, and featuring Mynxii White, Amelia Nightmare, Daved Munoz, Austin Bean, and Ashley Joy Beck.

style : Dark Deco

For the holidays the Dark Deco style concept is gothic and romantic, sultry and empowering, dark and celebratory. Featuring fashions by Fluevog, Darling Clothes, Love & Lemons, Bicyclette Boutique,, Larene Lan, HoneyRose&K, FashionWhore, and WILDFOX.

item of the week : Christmas Sweater by Iron Fist

It’s sweater season and the Christmas Sweater by Iron Fist available at Sourpuss will put you in the festive mood.

item of the week : The Five Wounds Earring Set by Ghostlove

Ghostlove’s The Five Wounds Earring Set is one of those finds you want to keep for yourself. It’s an armory of wicked weapons with 7 inches of chain and daggers that just about reach your shoulders.

runway : Bibian Blue spring/summer 2013

Bibian Blue, a designer based out of Barcelona, Spain, is known mostly for her ability to showcase and, more importantly, reinvent the corset, taking it to all new levels of beauty, elegance, and edginess. Her recent spring/summer collection, aptly entitled Roses Lullaby, was unveiled at Valencia Fashion Week where Bibian Blue showcased an elaborate array of fun spring inspired designs paired tastefully with corsets.

item of the week : Rainbow Boot by Fluevog

Fluevog is known for its quality and style, and with this new Rainbow Boot, they haven’t disappointed. Fluevog has created an amazingly high, yet super comfy boot perfect for fall.

inspiration : Mosh – blonde bombshell

The blonde bombshell is one of the most iconic sex symbols. An hourglass figure and blonde hair but also a bold personality, which makes it a fun persona to play with. Mosh does this look perfectly with matte red lips, a curled retro hairstyle, a classic white corselette, nude stockings, and black pumps.

digital editorial : A Gray Day

A Gray Day digital editorial shot by Tina Picard featuring Rag & Bone, House of Harlow, Diesel, and more.

item of the week : Black Hood Circular Scarf by Ovate

Ovate is a brand I have been watching for some time, and they have unleashed a dark and textured vision of gloom and beauty. It gives you the feeling of being both historic and modern, and impeccably stylish.

fashion editorial : Monsters’ Ball

featuring fashions by DarkSpectre Custom Couture photographer : Laura Dark makeup artists : Deanna Roberts of Makeup Vamp, Bud Stross of B.A.M. FX, and Amber Johnson-Tedrick of B.A.M. FX special FX : Aryn Fox of B.A.M. FX, Jason Ervin of Jervin Makeup, and Vault 9 FX…

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