fashion editorial : Temptress

Painfully stylish in a league of her own: look but don’t touch. photographer : Justine Louise makeup artist : Ruby True hair stylist : Ruby True model : Ruby True view the full editorial in the June/July 2013 Issue

style : Toxic Beachbabe

To brave the outdoors, which can burn your pale skin, melt your makeup, and mess up your hair, the Toxic Beachbabe uses pops of color and accessories to make a statement; shaking up the resorts and waterfront.

fashion editorial : Nina de Lianin in Shape

Model, performer, and In Strict Confidence singer Nina de Lianin showcases her tailored, geometric, and structured style.

item of the week : Knee High Leather Boots by Gipsy Dharma

image source Ever feel like running through the forest Pocahontas style? Have you ever wished for the mysterious allure and free spirit of the gypsy? Ever feel like whisking yourself away from the media, your job, or society’s expectations to be bland? Alternative culture is…

must : lace trimmed camisole

Additional photos of Too Fast’s spring/summer collection from our Must feature in the June/July 2013 Issue.

designer spotlight : Ego Assassin

Auxiliary Online Content from the designer spotlight on Ego Assassin in the June/July 2013 Issue.

item of the week : Anatomical Heart Necklace by LostApostle

You can wear your heart on your sleeve or you can wear it over your chest, a second heart that is with this anatomical heart necklace by LostApostle, our item of the week.

runway : Craig Renaud FAT 2013

Craig Renaud’s S/S 2013 menswear collection at Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT was a surprise for me. With a monochrome palette of black on black, he had some amazing pieces.

runway : Masha at FAT 2013

Masha wowed the crowd at Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT. With the new collection of black on black with chain and stud details, I took notice.

runway : Asphyxia FAT 2013

Alexandra De Francesco, the fashion designer and textile artist behind Asphyxia showed her latest collection at Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT.

runway : Worth. by David C. Wigley at FAT 2013

Embraced by mainstream media, David C. Wigley still evokes an off the beaten track, alternative ideal. His Worth. runway show at Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT opened with a collage of Hitchcock imagery.

runway : M.Sexton at FAT 2013

Myles Sexton stepped out to a crowd of applause of fans old and new as he closed off the first set Thursday evening at Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT.

Dead or Alive by Verameat

item of the week : Dead or Alive by Verameat

Here’s a suggestion to add some bite to your wardrobe. It’s a chained pendant dubbed “Dead or Alive” by Verameat, our Item of the Week.

behind the scenes : Lady of the Manor

Take a peek behind the scenes of our April/May 2013 Issue fashion editorial featuring Nina de Lianin of In Strict Confidence and shot by Gasoline Photography at Schlosshotel Lembeck.

fashion editorial : Lady of the Manor

Nina de Lianin of In Strict Confidence brings dramatic yet simple elegance to Germany’s Lembeck Castle.

designer spotlight : Darkspectre

For most of us, our dream wardrobe is influenced by our favorite movies. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, period, dark, spooky, whimsical, and enchanting: films have inspired subculture for as long as films have been made. Enter Darkspectre Custom Couture, a designer with the skills and magic to make these dreams a reality.

item of the week : Lucipurr T-shirt by Blackcraft

Our item of the week, The Lucipurr T-shirt by Blackcraft is the best use of feline attitude since grumpy cat. Irreverent and sacrilegious, Blackcraft injects some much needed dark humor into the graphic T-shirt trend.

digital editorial : The Song Remains the Same

Auxiliary Magazine cover model Theresa Manchester in The Song Remains the Same digital fashion editorial shot by Bengt Juliusson.

fashion editorial : Audrey Kitching in Night Circus

Fashion trendsetter and blogger Audrey Kitching in a menagerie of color and pattern that combine into a dark and innovative look. Additional photos not seen in our April/May 2013 Issue!

House of Etiquette at FAT 2013

Ashley Davies and Mina Smart are bringing latex from the bedroom to the runway like no one else in Canada. The newest House of Etiquette collection by this duo titled Filthy Gorgeous was showcased at at Toronto’s 2013 Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT was a strong showing.

runway : Futurstate at FAT 2013

It’s been ten years and Laura Stewart’s Futurstate was just as relevant and fashion forward as ever. At Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT, her show started with the lights turned out and security agents flashing lights through the crowd.

runway : Dystropolis at FAT 2013

At Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT, Wendy Ng chose the Norse gods as inspiration for Dystropolis’ collection this year entitled Valhalla. A collection of what a modern god might wear when summoned to earth.

item of the week : Pentagram Suit II by Chromat

Never before have I seen a pentagram incorporated as sexily and freshly in a garment as it is in The Pentagram Suit II by Chromat. Expect the sophisticated all-black run to be embraced by those looking to get away with wearing a fetish statement piece poolside.

runway : Starkers at FAT 2013

FAT Toronto ON, April 23 – At Toronto’s Arts and Fashion Week known as FAT, Dianna DiNoble’s Ballerina Biker themed Starkers Corsetry 2013 collection might have seemed to be quite at contrast. But the way DiNoble blended the delicate pink tulle and harsh black leather was…

fashion editorial : It’s Not Complicated

Your personal life might be a bit… complicated. But sharp basics make having kick ass style… uncomplicated. Behind the scenes and additional photos from our It’s Not Complicated fashion editorial!

style : Punk Never Dies

Our Punk Never Dies Style feature in the April/May 2013 Issue is as much about the clothing as it is your attitude. Check out some behind the scenes photos and additional photos not seen in the issue!

runway : Vengeance Designs “Color Me Kinky” collection

New York-based Vengeance Designs unveiled their latest collection, Color Me Kinky, on February 28th at the FreeCandy space in Brooklyn.

item of the week : Lo Res Pump by United Nude

This season United Nude’s Lo Res Pump is available in new lust-worthy colors: blue lavender and aqua. Embrace pastels. Multifaceted, they can be futuristic, cyber, retro, witchy, Victorian, lolita, or just plain sophisticated and fashionable.

item of the week : grey goat tank by Monster Aesthetics

One of my personal favorite pieces from Monster Aesthetics is the Grey Goat Tank, our item of the week. It’s comfy, soft cotton with a dark black original goat head design printed with durability in mind.

must : overbust corset

An overbust corset can be as versatile as your imagination and creativity will allow. The Rouge Reverence Corset by Heavy Red is a must-have. See extra photos from the February/March 2013 Issue Must feature.

item of the week : The 3989 by Dr. Martens

Do you think of Doc’s for dressing a little more polished? One of my favorite shoes I’v seen for men is the 3989 men’s dress shoe and it’s our item of the week.

digital editorial : Leisure Activites

Leisure Activities digital fashion editorial shot by Shawn Jantzen featuring Kortni Kennedy aka MissLady Kay.

digital editorial : Dark Forest

Dark Forest digital fashion editorial shot by Gail Kilker featuring Fate in Renee Masoomian and Rae Beth Designs.

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