runway : L’uomo Strano at FAT 2014

Many of designer Mic. Carter’s pieces may be more at home in an art gallery then your closet, though the flowing dark fabrics and hooded cloaks stayed in my mind, making the L’uomo Strano collection shown Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week at stand out.

runway : Diodati at FAT 2014

Designer Luca Galardo’s brand Diodati shown at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week blurs many lines in fashion and gender, and does it beautifully.

Empty Casket Bat & Moon Necklace

item of the week : Bat & Moon Necklace by Empty Casket

This week’s Item of the Week it the Bat & Moon Necklace from UK jewelry designer Empty Casket. The bat is whimsical, dark, and detailed and the whole design has a personal feel.

Famous Monsters of Filmland Akumu Ink T-Shirt

item of the week : Famous Monsters of Filmland Akumu Ink T-Shirt

The biggest comic convention of them all, Comic-Con in San Diego is this weekend and the Akumu Ink and Famous Monsters of Filmland collaboration T-Shirt featuring a Shakespearean Nosferatu is our Item of the Week.

ModCloth Lolli Swim

item of the week : Step Right Up One Piece by Lolli Swim

To continue with the black and white striped swimsuit theme, this week’s Item of the Week is a classic starlet one piece by Lolli Swim available at ModCloth.

H&M goth swim short

item of the week : Black White Striped Swim Shorts by H&M

Guys have you been searching for an acceptable swimsuit? You can pick one up at H&M this season. Pair this black and white striped 1900s feel swim short with a handlebar mustache.

fashion editorial : Whispers in the Dark

Moonlit encounters beckon and romantic flights of fancy call.

fashion editorial : True Blue

The tried and true classics in indulgent textures, patterns, and colors create attraction with an aura of mystery.

Auxiliary Designer Spotlight on The Rogue + The Wolf

An interview and fashion editorial with The Rogue + The Wolf

The designers behind accessory label The Rogue + The Wolf are as intriguing and enigmatic as their name implies. Eloise H.R. and Michael W. say they are tech and knowledge junkies. Their collaborations are a labor of love and innovation. The duo use 3D printing technology to craft all of their pieces. Their aesthetic is original yet versatile.

the PinUp : Matty Morbid

Matty Morbid, model, musician, and boylesque performer known for his trademark hoop dancing, never tries to impress anyone but himself and by this method succeeds in impressing many.

Lost Boy

fashion editorial : Lost Boy

Sleep all day. Party all night. In blue denim and black leather it’s fun to be a bad boy.

Fables by Barrie

item of the week : Black White Stripes Yvette Swim Bra and Yacht Bottom by Fables by Barrie

A black and white swimsuit is a staple. Pair this bathing suit by Fables by Barrie with a parasol for an early 1900s inspired look.

fashion editorial : Covet

Knockouts in black transition to visions in florals, hold captive every gaze that crosses your path.

Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

runway : Amplify Apparel at FAT 2014

Allie Wood not only showed us her designs, she created a story with her Amplify Apparel collection. The characters ripped from a legend of old, yet the people they represent are recognizable all too well today.

Asphyxia at FAT 2014

runway : Asphyxia at FAT 2014

Alexandra De Francesco, designer of Asphyxia, is known for her vintage flair. This year her collection entitled “Beautiful and Damned” was highly influenced by the flapper era: very decadent with a hint of femme fatale.

Black Lips Purse

item of the week : Black Lips Purse from Wonderland LA

Black lips: the staple of goth girls and boys all over the world. With this purse from Kat Von D’s Wonderland LA you can carry your black lips with you whether you’re sporting them or not.

Too Fast Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs

item of the week : Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs by Too Fast

Our Item of the Week, the Day of the Dead Skeleton Wendy PJs a black lace trimmed romper by Too Fast, will make your sleepwear and loungewear as awesome as your daywear.


runway : VANIKA at FAT 2014

VANIKA Vanessa Kiraly’s debut collection at Toronto’s FAT Art & Fashion Week was extraordinary for a lady of such a young age and transformed this model into a budding designer before our eyes.


runway : Starkers Corsetry at FAT 2014

This year’s Starkers! Corsetry collection shown at Toronto’s FAT Arts & Fashion Week was filled with strong looks that shared a connection to our past but also look towards the future.

runway : Eolith at FAT 2014

Eolith a collaboration of designers from Toronto and Montreal showed a futuristic minimalist collection at FAT Toronto’s Arts & Fashion Week.

FAT 2014 Wallace Playford

runway : Wallace Playford at FAT 2014

The first night of FAT Toronto’s Arts & Fashion Week kicked off with a playful, witty, and fun slumber party collection from Wallace Playford.

Dahlia Deranged

item of the week : The Vampire Goddess Sunglasses by Dahlia Deranged

Our Item of the Week The Vampire Goddess Sunglasses by Dahlia Deranged is perfect addition to your summertime survival bag for those always on the hunt for palatable accessories for time in the sun.

behind the scenes : June/July 2014 fashion editorial

Here’s a little sneak peak at our upcoming June/July 2014 fashion editorial shot in Toronto last week and styled by our fashion editor Tasha Farrington!

Iron Fist BunnyCorn Tote Bag

item of the week : Buns ‘N Roses Tote Bag by Iron Fist

It’s a bunny themed item of the week! This BunnyCorn tote by Iron Fist is playful and can pair with black, bold colors, or other prints.

upcoming : |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week 2014

|FAT| or Toronto Arts & Fashion Week is next week in Toronto! Many Auxiliary featured designers, stylists, and models will be contributing their talents to this awesome fashion week and we will be attending!

Black Milk Batman

item of the week : Killing Joke GF Bomber by Black Milk

We love Black Milk this week! This bomber jacket of the non-legging variety from the Black Milk Batman Collection based off Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is our item of the week!

fashion find : Black Milk Game of Thrones Collection

The new season of Game of Thrones premiered this week and recently Black Milk paid tribute to the TV show in stretchy shiny nylon and launched a Game of Thrones line in collaboration with HBO.

item of the week : Mistress Overbust Corset by Burleska Corsets

We had the luxury of working with the Mistress Overbust Corset in stylish black taffeta and detailed in ribbon that laces up the sides by Burleska Corsets based out of London and it is our featured item of the week.

fashion editorial : Kicking Around

Punk meets nu goth meets grunge in our Kicking Around fashion editorial shot by Kale Beaudry featuring designs by Andee Karleen and Nicole Guzzo.

Thaw 7

fashion editorial : Thaw

Bohemian meets nordic in our Thaw fashion editorial for a natural transition into spring shot by Katia Pershin and styled by Chris Hnain.

runway : The Set NYC’s Fashion Week Benefit

The Set NYC’s final event for 2014’s Fashion Week was at the Church of the Holy Apostles the night before Valentine’s Day and featured designs by Lucinalu, Autumnlin Atelier, and Kristin Costa.

fashion editorial : Chasing the Green Fairy

Absinthe inspired fashion editorial shot by Breila Rose Rathlou of Breila Rose Photography featuring fashions by Joanna Kuzcynska of Fluffer Designs.

Day of the Dead Parasol

item of the week : Day of the Dead Parasol by Retro-a-go-go

With days of sunshine and butterflies are looming just ahead pre-order our Item of the Week the Day of the Dead Parasol by Retro-a-go-go.

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