Auxiliary Magazine is the magazine for alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. Founded in 2008, for over seven years we have been covering all things auxiliary. We have crafted and continue to develop our own unique auxiliary aesthetic that is not defined by any one subculture, genre, or style but embraces many and believes in making your own. We look for the new, draw from the old, and aim to develop and nurture our passions.

Auxiliary Magazine is published in a print and digital format every season for a total of four times a year. A preview of every issue is available on our website. We also publish weekly content on our website, on social media, and through The Auxiliary List newsletter. Both print and digital subscriptions are available and individual issues can be purchased through our online shop and in select stores and boutiques.

Auxiliary Magazine is based between Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Ontario with contributors in New York City, Los Angeles, and throughout the world. We focus on darker subcultures with a North American perspective and cover goth, industrial, grave wave, punk, postpunk, retro, pin up, fetish, EBM, new wave, deathrock, synthpop, cybergoth, cyberpunk, steampunk, rockabilly, witch house, techno, indie, any combination thereof, and future concepts yet to take shape.

Auxiliary equals alternative, supplementary, to provide what is missing, to give support.

We have always had a love for the different, the unique, the creative, but from all sides we’ve been told what we love is on its way out, is suffering, is dying, is dead. Today an alternative aesthetic is seen more than ever yet so many claim the core, the base, the scene is in a sad state. Reality is what you make it.

Our goal is to provide high quality editorials and articles, unique reviews and insights on the best media out there, and to foster discussion and passion for alternative subcultures. We aim to find the most creative and the best, highlight it, and encourage it to grow.

We created Auxiliary Magazine as a print and digital magazine dedicated to fashion, music, and lifestyle with a darker aesthetic and it remains that to this day. There are no other boundaries than that. The strong point of alternative culture is that is breaks boundaries and knows no limits and we aim to do the same.

Alternative culture is a sum of all its parts, an ever changing entity crafted by innovators, trendsetters, and artists. Auxiliary Magazine is continuously looking for new contributors, fashion, music, and ideas. It isn’t for a select few, it is for every unique creative, every passionate patron, it is for you.