The Fall/Winter 2022 Issue

Auxiliary Magazine Fall/Winter 2022 Issue Preview Cover
preview of the Fall/Winter 2022 Issue cover

The Fall/Winter 2022 Issue is out now! We are changing some things up behind the scenes and new issues will now be available for pre-order before they are released. Also, starting this issue, print issues will be available in a limited amount. So grab a copy while you can! Once we sell out of print copies that’s it. If you want it in real life, in your hands, and in print order now.

The Fall/Winter 2022 Issue is is the sixty fifth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to subculture fashion, music, and lifestyle. This issue features IAMX, Laura Dark, La Carmina, Mode Brutale, Witch of Southern Light, Agata Waclawska, SØLVE, Matteo Tura, Wil Foster,  and more. It’s full of interviews, editorials, articles, and reviews!

Auxiliary Magazine La Carmina Interview
interview with La Carmina on her new book
Auxiliary Magazine Laura Dark Interview
interview with photographer Laura Dark

This issue will be available in a limited print run and an unlimited digital issue download. Pick your poison. We love and support print media so that is of course an option! But for easy access and to read on any device, digital is good too.

Get your Print Edition on our website. We have a small number of Print Editions left and they will be available until they sell out. Print Editions will start shipping on November 16th. The Digital Edition is out now and available on our website too!

Get the Fall/Winter 2022 Issue in Print or Digital on our website from The Auxiliary Shop.

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