R.A.G.E. Nation Apparel an Environmentally Friendly Pick for Your Spring Wardrobe

When it comes to conscious aesthetic, there is one brand at the forefront, R.A.G.E. Nation Apparel. They offer environmentally friendly options perfect for your spring wardrobe and beyond. Launched in 2013 and based in Fairfax Station, Virginia, RNA’s fundamental ideology is founded in radiating love and positivity, to “resonate a greater existence”. RNA designs exclusive street gear for conscious individuals.

The integrity of their brand includes being environmentally friendly. Customers will be elated to know that with each purchase, RNA’s working relationship with covers the cost of planting one mangrove tree to help restore ocean tree forests, aiding threatened habitats and reducing the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. They also use reusable zip lock biodegradable packaging and source polyester made from recycled water bottles, helping reduce the amount of plastic in landfills. From branding to designing, everything they do resonates a higher vibration!

Focusing on festival and urban gear there is no absence of unique style in R.A.G.E. Nation’s wide range of high quality apparel. They offer versatile upper and lower garb varying from T-shirts, long sleeves, crop tops to heavy duty hoodies and windbreakers, and a wide range of joggers and leggings. Each design is artistically vibrant with “powerful ancient symbolism” recognizing the knowledge of cultures from all over the world.

Taking a closer look at some of R.A.G.E. Nation’s carefully crafted apparel one can find many pieces to highlight and refresh your spring wardrobe. One can enjoy altruistic selections from their Goddess Gear and Summer Heat collections or expand into the unique, shadowy oppidan Special Effects threads collection. Most of their upper wear, like shirts and hoodies are breathable and loose fitting. As a happy supporter for many years, all garments are definitively priced and will last in pristine condition. A personal tip, everything must be washed cold and hung dry!

Auxiliary RAGE Nation Clear Light Crop Top

Crop tops! Confidently and comfortably head into summer with urban accents that can double as sport and swimwear. Clear Light Crop Top is a high neck cut made from a cruelty-free cotton/polyester blend, sewn from raw fabric with shoulder support straps. This crop is an artist collaboration with a stunning white on black mandala and a fading intrinsic wrap around the abdomen. Certainly an RNA mainstay, this piece sticks out with its minimalistic design. Listed at an affordable $35.

Auxiliary RAGE Nation Dissolve The Ego Sports Bra

Dissolve the Ego Luxe Sports Bra is a light-weight, black on white, full support sports bra that can pass as a crop. It is tailored with luxuriously soft high-end cotton and flexible spandex trimming on the bottom to give breathable support and lift. The high quality silk screen-print will endure washing and stretching. A sleek vertical design including mindful script in Chinese hanzi, adorning a small sacred scarab on the upper back. Also listed at an affordable $35.

Auxiliary RAGE Nation Silver Sequence Reflective Yoga Pants Leggings

In the realms of durability, RNA’s Silver Sequence Reflective Yoga Pants/Leggings is a collection of a few styles. Hybrid specs include materials made from stretchy nylon and spandex with moisture-wicking technology. The Mandala design has anti-fade high quality production, with two deep side pockets that will hold personal belongings even in the most rigorous workouts. Strategic ventilation mesh strips run along the side of the thigh and back above the calves. These leggings are accented on the waistband with stylized “與靈魂聯繫 ” – Connect with the soul”. Resonate on your path, priced at $59.

Auxiliary RAGE Nation Mind Of Zen Joggers

Keeping in the realm of durability, R.A.G.E. offers a multitude of intricately designed joggers in both traditional and tapered styles. All joggers come with a hidden pocket on the inside front stitching. Appropriate for lounging, working out or going out, one of my favorite go-to tapered styles is the Mind of Zen V1 Iridescent Ink Joggers. They are designed with purple and blue iridescent ink and reflective rope strings. A top seller that had to be reprinted because of demand! These joggers are also hyper functional with aesthetic symbolism running down the right pant leg. Breathable, fitting, top-tier comfort priced at $65.

Auxiliary RAGE Nation Lotus Throne Windbreaker

Their outerwear truly exemplifies the full spectrum of utility and dependability. Lotus Throne Glenn Thomson Collab Waterproof Zip-Up Windbreaker is an all-season waterproof windbreaker that features a polyester shell with satin lining providing cool, breathable wear. A matte black masterpiece fitted with zippers and 4 pockets, and top of the industry screen-printing on both sleeves, hood and both front and back. When this windbreaker is zipped up, it gives a fresh pullover appeal with accented branded chest zipper-flaps. This craftsmanship runs at $89.

R.A.G.E Nation also has hats, shawls, masks, bandanas, jewelry, fanny packs, home decorations, and even skateboards to accent any occasion. Make sure to keep a lookout on their website and Instagram on what’s coming soon, as many of their designs are one-of-a-kind and sell out quickly. For more reading check out our other fashion collection reviews. Stay humble!

Jared Nokturne
Jared Nokturne is a contributor to Auxiliary, a Los Angeles club promoter and DJ, and runs the witch house record label Conjure the Circle.
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