Support Ukraine through Darkwave and Post-punk Music

Ukraine has a very rich culture and within the past several years, there has been some excellent music released within the darkwave/post-punk realm from Ukrainians. While it’s easy to feel helpless in these chaotic times, supporting artists and donating money is a great idea and way to help. Here is a small list of highlights to check out.

by Laura McCutchan


Auxiliary Ukrainian Music Morwan Zola-Zemlya

The solo project of Alex Ashtaui, based in Kyiv, is post-punk with a psychedelic, Arabic feel and Russian lyrics. Zola-Zemlya has a unique sound that dips into peaks and valleys throughout the album. It’s a real stand out from the more synthwave sounds coming out from the former soviet bloc.

Purchase Morwan’s Zola-Zemlya on Bandcamp.

Sexual Purity

Auxiliary Ukrainian Music Sexual Purity Suffer Hope

The electronic duo of Oleksii Donets and Anastasia Romanova formed during quarantine and is based in Dnipro. Their sound brings Boy Harsher to mind, yet, their approach is colder and more bleak. Lyrics like, “It’s not your choice, You must survive, This wild area, Will eat you,” from the track, “Helpless”, drive this home on their album Suffer | Hope.

Purchase Sexual Purity’s Suffer | Hope on Bandcamp and you can find links they’ve shared to help on their Instagram.


Auxiliary Ukrainian Music Powerplant People In The Sun

This four-piece led by Theo Zhykharyev is based in London. People in the Sun (2019) is a fantastic lo-fi post-punk album while their latest, Stump Soup is a weird and more experimental romp with proceeds going to support the Ukrainian resistance.

Purchase Powerplant’s Stump Soup on Bandcamp and they’ve announced on their Instagram that all proceeds from the album as well as all merch, digital, and stream revenue are being donated.

Supporting Ukraine

Ashes Fallen

Auxiliary Ukrainian Support Music Ashes Fallen Stand Your Ground

Also notable is the California-based band, Ashes Fallen, who have released a charity single. All sales are going to Direct Relief for their humanitarian mission in Ukraine. Both the album version and a remix by The Axiom Divide are available.

Purchase “Stand Your Ground” on Ashes Fallen’s Bandcamp.

You can support each artist through their Bandcamp, find more links on their Instagrams, and donate to Direct Relief through Ashes Fallen’s charity single.

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