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Darkpop duo 6XT7 release new version of and music video for “Hello Darkness”

A few days after celebrating the New Year, darkpop duo 6XT7 announced on their social media and official website they would be releasing a new version of and music video for “Hello Darkness”, one of their best songs, on January 19, 2022. Nowadays, bringing out a track already known to the public is no longer a taboo. We see this everywhere, with all artists. But it is true that we see this more in artists with secular careers than in young artists, although experienced. It is therefore interesting to ask ourselves what the relaunch of a track/music video represents. In this case with 6XT7 does it indicate a new identity?

The darkpop duo 6XT7 based in Los Angeles consists of members Tasz and Lisa. The new version of “Hello Darkness” is indeed new insofar as the duo introduced a new arrangement and has once again gone to the studio to record this version of the track which was originally released exclusively on Youtube in January 2020.

“Pierce” released some time ago was a hit. Their track “Sheep” confirmed it. And since then, 6XT7 has no longer had to justify their presence in the alternative dark scene. Since the creation of 6XT7, the duo has never stopped evolving, improving musically, conceptually, and personally. The relaunch of “Hello Darkness” serves this idea of constant identity evolution by offering a new aesthetic.

The duo reunited with Howie808 for the rework, the partner producer of 6XT7 which the duo can no longer do without. For the music video, they reunited with director Toshihiko Imai, who also directed 6XT7’s “Die For You” and the magnificent “Goth Star”.

Rather than sounding totally different, the relaunch of “Hello Darkness” serves a very specific dynamic: that of a response to its own first release. The duo says, “We added more dark trap elements in it to make the dark part sound angrier, sadder, and heavier but at the same time we added more emotion in the chorus. It becomes a very deep and touching combination, a new energy, and it’s like you can finally see the light through the prolonged pain and darkness. We also really juiced up the sound and went a little crazy-experimental on the mix. We really love it, so we decided to release this version to become the new ‘Hello Darkness’.”

The duo lives only by experimentation, and nothing is finished, even in the end. The objective of “Hello Darkness” version 2022 is therefore not to question the aesthetics, nor the concept, nor the ideas of the first version, which still represents the duo but to say who have we become since we last met? It is about putting oneself to the test of updating, like a digital program, by using oneself as a guinea pig for our own emotional self-experimentation, in a kind of self-reflective approach. The relaunch of “Hello Darkness” shows the value of using already established artistic material and combining and manipulating it into new creative blends that resonates with the updating of identity. Cyber culture has always dealt with technological modifications, updates, and new versions so a reboot feels very fitting.

Find more info and links to the new track at on 6XT7’s website and follow them on Instagram for future news. Read more about 6XT7 with our past interviews with the duo.

Demona Lauren
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