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Shortly after our exclusive interview with the band, we had the great pleasure of reuniting with 6XT7, the LA-based goth trap metal band for the promotion of their new single and music video “Pierce”. The resolutely addictive song is accompanied by a music video directed by Asano Sakaki and JR Shih which marks the preponderance of cyber current in the already post-industrial universe of the group. The music video depicts two people who wake up in an oniric yet mysterious world in the hands of an unknown regime in which they are progressively regaining their broken dreams and memories. Watch the video and read our interview with the band.

It is good to see you again so soon after. I knew we were working on something but I had no idea it was going to be that lethal. What differences or evolution did you target between “Pierce” and your previous titles? What did you want to demonstrate?
Tasz : I guess this song and all these new elements just happened naturally. Those cyberpunk fantasies and technologies are actually a part of our daily life now. I think we are moving toward a cyber world, all the technologies bring people closer, but we feel lonelier than ever. Everyone is staring at their own black mirror. And we really want to do something that makes us feel alive again.
We met some new people in our life, and they all bring us different inspiration. We’ve always wanted to put all the things we love in our artwork, and I think “Pierce” brings us closer to that goal. All those new elements, and the new sound we discovered together. We really hope to deliver to the world and all the amazing things we see, we’ve been through and we’ve imagined to our audience. By doing that I think we can all runaway from our own loneliness.

How did you come up with the idea for “Pierce”? Is there a specific story behind this track?
T : During the pandemic, I feel very numb about almost everything, almost lost my passion to life. It was dark, until one day I found an old earring in my closet. I had my ears pierced when I was very young, I was escaping from my old life, and started my first rock band doing lots of crazy stuff then. I haven’t worn them after that band disbanded, for more than ten years. Surprisingly, it never really healed. So I tried it on again, all of a sudden all my memories came back. It’s like an electric flow through my body and it hit me.
I felt my soul come back to me. And that feeling drove me to grab my bass and write down the first bass line of “Pierce”. And we kept that very first idea in the intro to remember that.

Lisa  : I was inspired by lots of art films, neon streets flashed in my mind. The idea of wandering them at midnight in a dream-like state combining that feeling with Tasz’s bass line pushed me to write the first melody. I think the concept of being lost in a neon city, and wanting to feel alive again, builds the world of “Pierce”.

In your songs and music videos, you always seem to be the only humans in town. Are you survivors or a kind of creatures from a parallel (cyberpunk) dimension ?
T: We are lovers, we always kinda feel it’s us against the world, or we only see each other in this world? In this music video we are more like awakening from the system and running away, and that might be how we feel everyday actually. Our love kills all the evil haha.

The beat is signed Howie808. It seems to me that I’m wrong if I’m wrong that this is the first time he’s done this for a non-metal band. How did the collaboration go?
T & L : Howie is a very talented guitarist and beat producer. We really enjoy working with him. After we finished our part of writing, we brought it to Howie. Lisa’s voice, Tasz’s scream and bass line combining with Howie’s guitar and beat, It just clicked right away.
We think we have a very good chemistry and did a very cool combination together, and we all think this is the most 6XT7 sounding track so far.

In your new song, the dreamlike dimension is omnipresent. As we had already discussed before, it is true that the atmosphere is one of your signatures. Why this adoration for the dreamlike? What is its significance? What is its potential impact also on the viewer or the audience in general?
T & L : Only in the dreams, we fly.

The track is still released by Avex. It’s definitely something. We can guess not only an overflowing passion for music but also a great ambition. What are your long-term plans? Do you have a secret ambition in the music field? A Tokyo Dome maybe? [laughs]
T & L : Having Avex is one of the most amazing things recently, we really enjoy the work flow with our team. We love it! Tokyo Dome will be superb!! We would love to see that happen! Also we always think 武道館 (Budokan) is a very cool place for Japanese bands, lots of good vibes and memories going on there, which make us want to go and perform there a lot too. We don’t really have very specific plans, I think the biggest ambition in our life, is to be able to make the art we want freely and without any limitation. We are very, very eager to achieve that.

Tasz and Lisa, do you think your accessories are always gorgeous? Who are the main designers of your jewelry and various music video accessories?
T : I’m wearing this ring everyday ever since we shot MADARANINGEN last time, it was a very meaningful gift to me, and actually I’m wearing a lot of meaningful gifts in this music video, my gloves, my leather accessories, most of them are from our friends and families in Japan, and they are all from very meaningful people in my life.

L : I like to explore accessories that magically appear in my life. I’m inspired by beautiful things and looks that pop up here and there. I like to rearrange different styles together and reimagine something that feels like myself. The chaotic process of that is exciting for me.

What are your favorite dark brands?
T : I love MADARANINGEN, Kmrii, Ifsixwasnine, Roarguns, MIC and Kiryuyrik, and in the same time I’m also into some edgy styles like Balenciaga, or anything from Hedi Slimane, or even street fashion like Supreme. I think I’m mixing all that in my own dark taste and make them my own. Recently I really want to buy a ring from a designer in Tokyo called “TokyoHumanExperiments”. I wish I can make my order very soon. [laughs]

L : I love Vivienne Westwood, YSL, Chanel, Kat Von D, Dita Von Teese. I’m inspired by many things in fashion, I try to mix and match the parts I like from street to main-stream together. Basically like what Tasz just said, we like to explore inspiration together. And it’s always fun and interesting. Also I’m really into perfumes, I will always choose different perfume depending on the mood and look. I think it finishes the whole vibe.

Do you have designers who inspire you?
T  : I enjoy watching geniuses working, I remember there was one-time me and Lisa randomly watched John Galliano’s video on YouTube, and we couldn’t stop looking at him talking about his art.
The passion was incredible!

L : I’m very inspired by many fashion designers, I like to watch many runway and films, I’m always surprised by how creative and unexpected some new creations have been. We watched the Celine show together, and loved the mixture of motorbikes and the striking rock attitude with elegance. Tasz keeps telling me how cool Hedi Slimane is. And by seeing his work, I really feel the perfect balance of rebellion and elegance.

Do you plan to release an entire album anytime soon?
T & L : There are so many ideas in our head waiting for us to make it happen now. We really want to focus on each song and artwork ahead of us and do the best to bring it to life and tell a story. Each song and music video is a different world, we really enjoy creating it. We will work very hard to build our musical universe as soon as possible!

Read our interview with 6XT7 in our Spring 2021 Issue for more.

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