ACTORS bring a Fresh Vibe to Post-Punk with New Album Acts of Worship

ACTORS are really speeding up as far as their musical efforts are concerned. With the release of two new singles, “Only Lonely” and “Strangers”, a new album Acts of Worship to be out in October, and a North American tour to kick off on September 9th they are as creative as busy. Set in fine sonic stylistics and old school aesthetics, they add a new, fresh vibe to what you know as post-punk. We talked with Jason Corbett, the band’s frontman, about the upcoming tour, new release, video making, and if they are planning to become real actors.

interview by : Karo Kratochwil

ACTROS Acts of Worship Auxiliary Magazine Interview

The North American tour, Take Your Love, starts on September 9th in San Diego. It’s really extensive. How are you preparing for it?
Jason Corbett : We have been rehearsing the new album vigorously. It’s an exciting time for us. Getting back out on the road and doing what we love to do couldn’t come fast enough.

Are you preparing something special to be presented during the tour? Will there be any songs from the upcoming album played during the shows?
JC : We will be playing a lot of the new album Acts of Worship and a LEATHERS song as well! And it’s the first tour with Kendall on bass, so that’s pretty special.

Actually, it must be exciting to play live again, was the concert-less pandemic time difficult for you as a band? How did you spend the time of lockdown?
JC : We had just finished playing over 150 shows. As far as time off it couldn’t have happened at a better time. The follow up to It Will Come to You had to be finished so we were able to really focus. The whole band kept busy.

You have a virtual concert scheduled on August 6th. What do you think about such undertakings? It definitely cannot substitute live shows…
JC : I’m not usually super interested in virtual performances but it felt like it was time to play. We wanted to get the ball rolling. It’s almost a dress rehearsal for tour.

Tell me about the video making for “Only Lonely”. It has this fine old-school vibe to it. How did your cooperation with Rachel Rampage and Justin Hagberg started?
JC : We had already worked with Rachel on the previous video and I’m good friends with her husband Justin. The director Wayne Moreheart had come to us with the idea for the video and those two just fit the parts so well. It’s so fun to have rad people to work with on these projects.

Another great video you recently released is the one for “Strangers”. It has a very characteristic atmosphere, what’s the story behind it?
JC : It’s based on the 80s vampire movie Near Dark. There was so much feel from the movie that carries over to what we like as a band. Leather, vampires, all the good stuff. The first day of shooting was the first day Kendall met Adam!

Seems like ACTORS really like being actors, do you find yourselves comfortable on a film set? How do you prepare for making a video? Do you have a particular team you co-operate with on regular basis?
JC : We’re just having fun and embracing the medium best we can. I don’t think we’ll be pursuing any side careers.

The first video directed by Peter Ricq for “Love U More” just won Best Music Video at the Leo Awards here in B.C. Canada. We’ve also have done a string of excellent videos with director Wayne Moreheart. We’ve been very fortunate to work with such talented artists.

I can’t speak for the rest of the band but I prepare for the shoots with varying degrees of success by eating less ice cream.

Acts Of Worship release is scheduled for October 1st. Can you disclose anything about the album at this point?
JC : The titles to the songs are very dark but there’s a celebration in that darkness throughout. I had a clear idea of what I wanted for this album. I’m excited for people to jump in head first.

Apart from the NA tour, what are other shows that are scheduled? Are you planning to visit Europe still in 2021?
JC : It’s a little early to tell. There’s lots on the table and in the works. I suppose we shall see what Mother Nature has in store for us. I know we would love to play every city we can!

Thank you very much for you time!
JC : Thanks for having me! And thanks to all our fans. We love you.

For more info, visit ACTORS’ website and to read more, check out more music articles and interviews.

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