La Femme En Noir Winter Solstice Collection

The duo of Lynh Haaga and Micheline Pitt bring a stunning La Femme En Noir winter collection with Winter Solstice. We took a closer look.

La Femme En Noir Winter Solstice collection images.

The Winter Solstice collection focuses on magic and folklore. The stunner of the season is the serpent; making an appearance on sunglasses, skirts, and belts. The Serpent Swing Skirt makes a statement with this motif.

The Salem Dress is a versatile piece that can work throughout the day. La Femme En Noir caters to those whom love to always be a bit extra in their day to day life. A plus, La Femme En Noir shares a core color palette with Vixen by Micheline Pitt and the pieces are designed to mix and match between both brands.

Serpent accessories, such as the Serpentine Infinity Buckle in Antique Silver and The Serpent Sunglasses in Emerald Green, can really add to any of the pieces in this collection.

The quality of La Femme En Noir is impeccable. Their pieces are wardrobe staples worth investing in and they bring a high amount of style with wearable comfort.

Shop the Winter Solstice collection now and for more reading check out our past Collection features.

Lisa Lunney
Lisa Lunney is a frequent contributor to Auxiliary, a freelance writer, a cat enthusiast, music lover, fashionista, and star gazer.
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