Dark Valentine’s Day inspired looks by Gaiapatra featuring LashyDoodle

Get some style, fashion, and beauty inspiration with our reoccurring Inspiration feature bringing you eye-catching photographs and looks. Just in time for a dark and moody Valentine’s Day here are two looks by visual artist, performer, and model Gaiapatra featuring the subculture owned beauty brand LashyDoodle

Auxiliary Magazine Valentine's Day Gaiapatra card
2021 Valentine’s Day Card by Gaiapatra.

Gaiapatra has been getting in the Valentine’s Day mood, or maybe more accurately the anti-Valentine’s Day mood: Valentine’s Day twisted up. Recently she released a line of prints and a Valentine’s Day card and here she is presenting some beauty inspiration for the day. This holiday do it like we always suggest, in your own way. We all need something to enjoy right now. Get dressed up and celebrate the day with your loved one or as a love letter to yourself.

Auxiliary Magazine Valentine's Day dark look by Gaiapatra featuring LashyDoodle
“Spellbound” Valentine’s Day look. LashyDoodle Magic Gel Eyeliner, LashyDoodle Thick #1 Lash, and Wonderland MC head jewelry. Photo by Gaiapatra.

For her first Valentine’s Day look Gaiapatra, “used LashyDoodle’s Magic Gel Eyeliner and LashyDoodle’s Thick #1 pair of lashes.” She continues, “for this look I was inspired by a fairytale-romantic elven look. This could be titled ‘Spellbound’.” Sultry burnt peachy tones make this look seductive and lush and bring a 90s vibe with the color palette. Paired with a gray wig and black brows, liner, and lashes the colors catch the eye. Pick a bold statement headpiece, necklace, or accessory and pair this look with a black flowy and bedroom-esque outfit. Plan a date night getting divine take-out and setting up a romantic picnic at the cemetery or park. Or get dressed up and indulge in some self care rituals at home.

Auxiliary Magazine LashyDoodle
LashyDoodle Thick #1 magnetic faux eyelashes.

Thick eyelashes take center stage in this look and LashyDoodle’s magnetic lashes let you pull this off easily. Apply their magnetic eyeliner and then these lashes, no glue needed.

Auxiliary Magazine Valentine's Day dark look by Gaiapatra featuring LashyDoodle
“Sweat” Valentine’s Day look. LashyDoodle Magic Gel Eyeliner and LashyDoodle Wisp #2 Lash paired with NYX Cosmetics The Brow Glue, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow, and NYX Cosmetics Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen. Photo by Gaiapatra.

“For this sunlight shot,” Gaiapatra explains, “I was visually inspired by bed bound passion, and yearning for spring again.” “I titled this one ‘Sweat’.” Soft velvet peach lips balance with more sheen and shimmer in this look. The brows become more intense but the lashes become more fluttery and intimate with LashyDooodle’s Wisp #2 Lash. Leave your hair tussled and lounge messy and create a look that is sexy and cooped up.

Auxiliary Magazine LashyDoodle
LashyDoodle Wisp #2 magnetic faux eyelashes.

Plan a full day in bed and fully focused on each other or a full day in bed and fully focused on yourself. It might feel like staying in is more of the same, but clearing your calendar of any commitments and being mindful about it can go a long way to make you appreciate some low key time.

Follow Gaiapatra on Instagram and visit her online shop. For more beauty and fashion look ideas check out our other Inspiration features.

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