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Pay Tribute and Draw Inspiration from Joan Jett with our Muses Beauty Feature

In our Fall 2020 Issue we introduced a new beauty feature called Muses. Drawing on the makeup publication titans of the past like Making Faces and Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin, we pay tribute to some of our favorite creatives and share tips on how you can bring the essence of their inspiring spirit to your own beauty routine and look.

Makeup artist Jenny Smith as Joan Jett. Photo by Matt Aquino.

For the first iteration of this feature, we decided on Joan Jett. The creative team of model/makeup artist Jenny Smith, photographer Matt Aquino, and hair stylist Wil Schaedler brought the idea to life.

Muses beauty feature from the Fall 2020 Issue.

If you’ve read this far and realize you are not well acquainted with our muse, Joan Jett, here’s an overview from the feature, “The spitfire guitar player who came from the teen scene in Los Angeles and co-founded the all-girl rock group The Runaways and later finding more commercial success after she went solo with her releases as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan is a badass vegan who emanates strength, confidence and some FIERCE eyeliner skills.”

In the feature NARS Global Makeup Artist Jenny Smith had this to say about her muse, “The essence of Joan Jett’s spirit is a confident, badass female that lives life to the beat of her own drum or should I say her own music. As the frontwoman for her band, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, she exudes her energy as a feminist icon and as the queen of rock n roll and the godmother of punk! Her presence in music has been well recognized with her three albums that have been certified platinum or gold and her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ”

Here’s a little look behind the scenes of our shoot for the feature.

Contributor Jenny Smith doing makeup for the feature. Photos by Matt Aquino.

Photo by Matt Aquino.

When I asked Jenny about the must-have techniques for cultivating your own look inspired by Joan Jett, she said, “The musts for techniques to recreate Joan Jett’s look are smokey eyes which is the technique of layering and blending eyeshadows and eyeliner. To define the eyes, frame them with an edgy or graphic eyeliner technique that is finished off with layers of mascara. Contoured cheekbones and a bit of highlighter on the high points of the cheekbones will add strength and dimension to emphasize bone structure and showcase a fierce attitude. Natural emphasis on the lips can be created with a neutral lipstick or pigment tapped into the lips with a finger or a brush.”

Here’s Jenny in her full-on Joan look.

Photos by Matt Aquino.

Joan had a penchant for a Suzi Quatro-eque leather jumpsuit. Here’s how Jenny reinterpreted this fashion staple into her own look.

Photo by Matt Aquino.

One of our favorite parts of this feature is the love and care put into the details of the styling. Check out this jacket that didn’t make it into the Fall 2020 issue but deserves a shout out.

Photo by Matt Aquino.

Keep an eye out for Muses in upcoming issues and read the full feature on Joan Jett in the Fall 2020 Issue. Check out more of our photoshoots behind the scenes in our archive.

Elizabeth Rhodes is the Associate Editor of Auxiliary. Based in Los Angeles, she is a writer, DJ, modern mystic, and astrology junkie.
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