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The Fall 2020 Issue

Auxiliary Magazine Fall 2020 Issue

The Fall 2020 Issue is the fifty seventh issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. It is available as a Print, Digital, or Preview Edition. This issue features Marley aka The Glam Goth on the cover and a self-photographed beauty photo set that is paired with an interview by on Glam Goth Beauty.

It features an interview and exclusive photoshoot with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener on her upcoming book The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life, an interview and Book Spotlight on Darkly: Black History and America’s Gothic by Leila Taylor, an interview with Selofan, and the third installment of our Emerging band lineup with interviews with Camlann, Ötzi, ABU NEIN, and Gwendoline. It also includes a Podcast Spotlight on No Dogs in Space, an Artist Spotlight on El Gato Gomez, a new Auxiliary Eats cooking and entertaining feature this time on a reclusive Halloween for two, an article on the rise of gorelesque, a Muses beauty feature on Joan Jett, a Halloween inspired beauty editorial by Laura Dark, fashion editorials featuring fashions by Mother of London and Bone & Busk by Katharina Mior, more beauty and fashion editorials, and book and music reviews. Plus it features photography by Saryn Christina, Wil Foster aka Rock Candy Photo, Andrea Hunter, Steven Anthony Roe, Marilia Fotopoulou, Madelyn Ellis, Matt Aquino, and mikc_photography. And fashions and beauty by Article X, Dear Nebula, Dr. Martens, NARS Cosmetics, NG:Black, and Sugar and Bruno.

Glam Goth Beauty interview
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener interview
Darkly Book Spotlight and interview
Selofan interview
Blood beauty editorial by Laura Dark
El Gato Gomez Artist Spotlight
Reclusive Halloween for Two Auxiliary Eats
Water & Air fashion editorial by Andrea Hunter

Check out the Preview Edition for a sneak peek. The Fall 2020 Issue is available in Print and Digital Editions which can be purchased from The Auxiliary Shop.

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