A Death in Dreams photoset by Digital Darkroom

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photographer / creative director : Steven Anthony Roe
fashion stylist / makeup artist / model : Tiffany Trezzo

Photographer Steven Anthony Roe and makeup artist Tiffany Trezzo have teamed up under the name Digital Darkroom to create stunning images together. We’re bringing you some of them for the relaunch of our Inspiration photoset feature.

Artist Statement

You can almost feel the warmth from the bright sunlight through these vividly colored, blood-orange poppy fields. This photo series creates a soft, sedative, dream like state in juxtaposition to the dark message from our Future Forward series. Given all of this curative warmth, do not let the light breeze that flows through the woman’s hair in this opium illusion give you the impression of a carefree simplistic beauty. On the contrary, the poppies are a symbol of the fallen and an offering to the dead. This is a commentary on the times we are currently living in, surrounded by violence and death in the name of fighting for justice and basic human rights for all.

Using the significance of the poppy flowers we honor those who have bled, sacrificed, and died because of systemic racism. The poppy fields, like the spirits of those lost to systemic oppression, will never die; each year the fields will continue to bloom and the souls of those who were taken from us will live on through the fight to change our broken nation into a nation of true equality. Humanity must unite and fight for peace and justice.

About Digital Darkroom

Tiffany is a Los Angeles based, Chicago born makeup artist whose skills have taken her all around the United States. Tiffany has been in the industry for fifteen years where she has specialized in fashion, music, editorial, bridal, headshot, and lifestyle makeup. Her skills run the gamut of makeup artistry and she is passionate about lending her knowledge to others. Her clean, edgy, and inventive makeup style can be found in numerous music videos, on multiple digital fashion platforms, and always working with established photographers and creative teams to capture a story.

Steven attended the Arts Institute in San Francisco and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film and video production. Growing up In the San Francisco Bay area, he was exposed to a wide range of expressions in art making him an extremely versatile director and producer. With this knowledge he has led projects from nationally syndicated car commercials, producing and directing major label music videos to shooting product shots for fashion brands and even household products. Having such high expectations in his work, Steven took it upon himself to learn all the ins and outs that make for a great product. He is proficient in film equipment, Photoshop, video editing software, lighting, gaffing, location scouting, and overall production operations. As a great communicator he understands the importance of executing a vision in ways you never thought possible.

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