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Terri-Sian and Stewart’s real Bride of Frankenstein alternative wedding

In our Spring 2020 Issue we interviewed the force behind Rock N Roll Bride, Kat Williams! She helped pick some amazing real alternative weddings to share with our readers in the issue. Here’s a more in depth view of Terri-Sian and Stewart’s Bride of Frankenstein wedding.

photos by : Devlin Photos

Lots of fun and theatrics were had at this wedding presided over by the Bride of Frankenstein. The bride, Terri-Sian wore a black sequin gown and crystal crown. The groom, Stewart wore a pinstripe suit. The venue was a theater and the officiant dressed as Bride of Frankenstein. Blood red flowers, skulls, and Gomez and Morticia Addams cake toppers added dark touches.

Read our interview with Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride in the Spring 2020 Issue and see more real alternative weddings.

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