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12:12:12 Virgo Edition

12 months. 12 showcases in different venues. 12 zodiac signs. Each month VANCORVID celebrates the strengths, themes and tones of the rising sign. Dylan Madeley arrived in time to witness the iteration of this event that honored Virgo, his rising sign.

Vancorvid violin 1

Some of the best and most authentic art shows emerging today haven’t booked arenas or large venues. They appear in kitchens and living rooms, intimate spaces and limited capacities. Included among this number are the 12:12:12 cycle of shows with a zodiac theme, as explained in Vancorvid’s March blog post back when this first launched:

Each month VANCORVID celebrates the strengths, themes and tones of the rising sign. Artists are invited to collaborate on a show of their choosing, or are welcome to apply. Photographers, videographers, graphic artists are invited and welcome. The intent of this showcase is to be multidisciplinary and immersive.

After 12:12:12 is complete, VANCORVID will commemorate the series in a collection of art, with permission of the artists. This will be in physical artwork and a video showcase to celebrate the work created along the way.

The show on Sunday, August 25, was called VIRGO. It commemorated earth and water signs Virgo, Hazel, the Knower, and the Salmon. The venue was May Flowers in Toronto, cozy and bright.

Kid Grit plays guitar 1

The first performer of this outing was Kid Grit who played acoustic guitar and sang, sometimes involving audience participation. The subject matter went about as deep as the possible heat death of the universe; however, the general theme was to feel uplifted in the face of life’s darkness instead of ignoring it. Growth and spaces to grow was one of the overall show’s themes. If we feel we are at the lowest point, then perhaps there is nowhere to grow but up.

Vancorvid violin 2

Vancorvid, the presenter of the show, also seen performing at a recent Attrition concert in Toronto, delivers violin with loops to build up a sound. She sings lyrics and uses spoken word poetry to assist in building the atmosphere of her sound. The subject matter of this presentation ranged from Irish legend, finding strength and rallying oneself in the midst of life’s crisis points, and the devastation of Pripyat in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

ThunderLoft Paper watercolor painting

Carmen Yuen of ThunderLoft Paper worked in the background of these presentations, painting watercolor art while a projection enlarged the work and allowed us to watch the progress on the ceiling in real time.

This showcase occurred in collaboration with Artery, a flexible platform for building/organizing local showcases.

A murder of origami crows (yes, that’s the plural term for them) awaited attendees in a range of colors and patterns.

The next show will presumably belong to the zodiac sign Libra, but more details about that can be learned in due course through Vancorvid’s blog and various social media channels. Want to keep reading? Check out more In Attendance write ups.

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