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S’mores Dragon Sticker by Earl Grey Paper brings magic back to summer

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When we’re young, summer holds the promise of adventure and endless possibility. Not all of us feel so free during the season once we venture deep into adulthood. Yet we still long for that magic summer calls us to. But it’s up to us to go and find it again.

Our Item Spotlight, the S’mores Dragon Sticker by Earl Grey Paper, is a great start to returning to adventuring and imagination this summer. A vinyl copy of the original watercolor and ink illustration, this dragon is waterproof and dish waster safe. You can stick it on almost anything. Your car, your laptop, a journal, mug, or whatever else you can think of! What better way to inspire yourself to venture forth into adventuring again when you have a fire breathing dragon by your side? Even if that endeavor is making s’mores over the camp fire once again.

Earl Grey Paper features nature inspired and whimsical illustrations. Whether it’s a whale listening to an iPod, a panda performing ballet, a scenic train ride to Hogwarts, or even a stroll through a moonlight forest reminding us of our connection to nature. Elizabeth Gass, who runs the shop, was inspired by a childhood filled with stories and woodland adventures.

These Dragons are available at Earl Grey Paper’s Etsy shop. Find more unique items with our Item of the Week and Item Spotlight features.

Paige Etheridge
Paige Etheridge is a contributor for Auxiliary.
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