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Baby Loch Nessie Monster by East of the Sun Studio is the easiest way to bring home a mythical pet

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Nessie has been debunked according to scientist but not in our hearts. To us, Nessie is real and lurking just out of sight. She has many adoring fans. How lovely would it be to not only see her, but live with such a magical creature? Now you can!

Our Item Spotlight, Baby Loch Ness Monster Air Plant Holder, allows you to bring the sea creature home with you. Nessie is brought to life through the Tillandsia plant on her back. These air plants are hardy and easy to care for, if you fear your thumb isn’t quite green. Just spray the evergreen once a week and leave it near a spot with indirect light. Each Nessie is handmade with polymer clay. They come in hues of pink, blue, purple, and white with an array of shapes. Each one is as unique as each individual in love with the sea monster.

East of the Sun Studio is named after the novel East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Mercer Mayer. Magic and Scandinavian elements in the book are also shown in the items of this shop. Lindsey Reynolds, who runs the shop, was also inspired by her childhood of living near the forests of Portland Oregon and the magical creatures she imagined there.

These Nessies are available at East of the Sun Studio’s Etsy shop. Find more unique items with our Item of the Week and Item Spotlight features.

Paige Etheridge
Paige Etheridge is a contributor for Auxiliary.
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