10 Dark Fantasy Books to curl up with until Spring

Patiently waiting for spring? Grab one of these dark fantasy books. Now is the perfect time for a good read, be it a well-known story or a jewel yet to be discovered. Enjoy one of the two or both with this list of reading choices to get you through the season.

dark fantasy books list Coraline Neil Gaiman

dark fantasy books list Velveteen Daniel Marks

1 – Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman’s children’s novella Coraline is a memorable dark story that twists the concepts of family, childhood, and adventure. Both the book and movie have become cult classics that will always be a treasure to be read (or watch) over and over, recovering the magic found the first time they were enjoyed.

2 – Velveteen by Daniel Marks
Ghosts, romance, revenge, and serial killers are all mixed together in this novel where a murdered girl endeavors to take justice into her own, dead hands, even if that means shaking the entirety of purgatory and bringing it down. However, she’s faced with doubts when tempted to leave it all behind for a guy she starts to like more than she should.

dark fantasy books list Nightshade Andrea Cremer

dark fantasy books list Marked P. C. Cast Kristin Cast

3 – Nightshade by Andrea Cremer
Romeo and Juliet are turned into werewolves in this young adult novel. Two packs, destined to form a new one, discover that the witches they have trusted have been lying to them, that a web of treachery has guided their actions, and that an ancient prophecy could be in the middle of it all, predicting a new beginning.

4 – Marked by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast
A highly acclaimed novel that started an international phenomenon. A vampire finishing school series that explores morality, coming of age, religion, family, and the bonds between friends and partners. Based on Wiccan lore and beliefs, the Cast duo create a world that cannot be easily forgotten once explored.

dark fantasy books list Clockwork Philip Pullman

dark fantasy books list Mad About the Hatter Dakota Chase

5 – Clockwork by Philip Pullman
An adults’ fairy tale that includes high fantasy, adventure, dark legends, and strange creatures that come to life, a perfect choice for those nights in which you cannot, or even better, don’t want to sleep. Either by the effects of adrenaline or a good read, it’s impossible to put down before reaching the ending.

6 – Mad About the Hatter by Dakota Chase
Based on the well-known story of Alice in Wonderland, this gay retelling acts as a sequel to the fairy tale we all have come to love. A story that will make you dream, smile, grow anxious, fear for the characters, and be surprised with the unexpected ending. One of the most emotional plots you will find.

dark fantasy books list The Midnight Guardian Sarah Jane Stratford

dark fantasy books list Prom Nights from Hell

7 – The Midnight Guardian by Sarah Jane Stratford
In this novel the so called predators of the night, the damned, the vampires, are the ones in charge of stopping the Nazis during World War II. But not just any average undead are charged with this mission, but those named as the Millennial, the ones with the most power and the needed skills to face such a threat to humans and vampires alike.

8 – Prom Nights from Hell by various authors
In this anthology five different stories explore the myths, legends, and elements found in many dark stories. You’ll find curses, angels, demons, death, resurrection, and more, romance freely flirts with horror and drama, proving that love conquers all, sometimes.

dark fantasy books list Frostbite Alexandria Bellefleur

dark fantasy books list Huntress L. J. Smith

9 – Frostbite by Alexandria Bellefleur
An erotic short story that rekindles the enchantment of classic fairy tales. This dark fantasy plays with morbid ideas and the nature of feelings. Ancient curses play an important role and can change the events in the characters’ lives more than once, teaching important lessons along the way.

10 – Huntress by L. J. Smith
Charged with adrenaline and explosive emotions, this is a novel perfect for those readers looking for urban and dark fantasy, a light dose of teen problems, vampires, and a little bit of magic. Part of a series consisting of books that can almost stand on their own, it creates a new picture of such interesting creatures as the bloodsuckers.

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  1. I loved Coraline, great movie. I read Frostbite by Alexandria Bellefleur and I am curious if she has published on as well, as there’s a user with a very similar name and writing style.

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