Music Video Premiere

Wading music video premiere by WINGTIPS

Chicago electronic duo with a goth vibe WINGTIPS have a new music video for “Wading” from their new EP Greyarea and Auxiliary is excited to premiere it! WINGTIPS has been described as the musical expression of the feeling you have when with a, “throbbing head full of ecstasy outside the goth club your crush paints your eyes black to match their own,” and this new music video perfectly captures that sentiment.

Singer and mastermind Vincent Segretario skates around a roller rink and plays the wallflower with Hannah Avalon who with this release moves from live member to creative collaborator. WINGTIPS’ music is an emotional and nostalgic blend of hi-hats like goosebumps, fluorescent guitar glimmers, and pulsating touches of EBM. Shot at Fleetwood Roller Rink in Summit, IL and directed by Masalah Baskin “Wading” is the perfect visual accompaniment to this sound. It makes you dream of decades past, but in an oddly uplifting way that has you trying to realize that feeling of the past in present day.

Listen to WINGTIPS on Bandcamp and pick up a limited edition cassette. And if you want even more, check out their 2015 album Ultravision and Segretario’s postpunk outfit Silent Age.

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