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IAMX winner of Best Band of 2016

IAMX won the Auxiliary Award for Best Band of 2016 and we talked with Chris Corner about the past, 2016, and the future including two new IAMX albums that are on the horizon.

The Auxiliary Awards Best Band of 2016 IAMX Chris Corner

How do you see the development of IAMX from its conception through now?
Though it has a theatrical stylistic element, IAMX has always been quite a self indulgent therapy project. It’s become harder to accept how it takes me to difficult places in my head. But in the end somehow it’s always cathartic. We all just want life to be smooth and easy. What a fucking joke. In the music I guess I am searching for a deeper truth and if I’m honest I have to admit it’s very hard. Making an album is a chaotic slog. And I’m not naturally talented enough for it to be fast and effortless. If I’m lucky enough to hit a sweet spot in the studio and I give myself goose pimples with my own song then I know I’ve channeled something primal and that makes it all worth it. I hate it in the beginning but going through the psychological turmoil leads to something special, so I see the importance of struggle. I work alone and never play material to others before it’s complete. I’m too self conscious. IAMX is not comfortable but it’s a necessary “beautiful” evil that allows me to vent, feel free, connect deeply with others, improves my conscience, ego, and pays the rent even if it makes me an unbalanced wreck. It grows as I grow. The never ending story of me.

What do you think was your greatest achievement of 2016?
Playing 123 shows in 13 months. That’s a new record for me.

Auxiliary IAMX Best Band of 2016 Chris Corner interview

What was the greatest obstacle of 2016?
I can’t think of one. I had a good year after a few terrible ones.

To what do you feel you owe your success?
Some talent, hard work, intense curiosity, not giving a fuck about the commercial music industry, and emotionally intelligent fans that understand the concept of longevity, loyalty, and living life outside the confines of societal norms.

What’s one big goal you still hope to achieve?
I have two goals. One is to build a house with my own hands. The second is to be a psychiatrist.

What are your plans for 2017?
I’m working on two IAMX albums. An experimental electronic oddity without voice and a full on album. I flip from one to the other depending on my mood. It’s relatively early days but they’re both sounding sexy in their own unusual ways. I’m pretty excited.

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14 comments on “IAMX winner of Best Band of 2016”

  1. Chris is an unbelievable talent who keeps getting better irreguardless of the genres he pushes himself towards. His live shows are not to be missed. Come back to Prague and soon. A very long time fan!

  2. I’m am so pleased to hear you have been making new music and I appreciate all the blood sweat and tears involved and follow your dreams build your house and go to school. Love always Jennifer

  3. I feel fortunate to have followed IAMX’s musical journey and lived, while I listened, in parallel. Thank you Chris.

  4. Chris is amazing,I have been following IAMX since “The Alternative”. I’ve been lucky enough to see him live 8 times. such a great show, love you Chris!

    1. Amo la forma en que chris sr (x) transforma la música en un espectáculo en el escenario. Siempre te amaré IAMX secret lover.

  5. somewhere in the world there is a guy named Chris Corner who does music. And life feels bloody good knowing this

  6. I was really inspired by this interview! IAMX for three years a saving area from the demons in my head. Nice to know that Chris wants to become a psychiatrist, as psychiatry is one of the few things I take in life besides music.
    Sometimes I can’t believe that someone in the world can create such beautiful and close to me in meaning and emotional coloring of the songs. But Chris does it and knowing this, I want to create;)
    Thank you very much!

  7. Such a talented artist chris is one of the few that gives me soothing chills with his voice and electronic sounds that are truly therapeutic to those that are suffering physical and emotional pain. He paints people and images in beautiful light. I feel indepted to Iamx for all they have got me through. Thanks guys!

  8. IAMX is unlike any other music project or there. The relationship that Chris has cultivated with the fanbase is the most unique that I know of. The fact that he still underestimates his own brilliance just makes me love him more. This man has saved lives thousands of times without even knowing it, and has guided me through some of my darkest times. Can’t wait for these new albums!! {X} Tribe forever!!!!

  9. Chris is one of the few music artists who can make me cry while listening to an album, because the music illustrates emotion that normally has no way of being described. It’s incredible to have those moments with a song. I think it makes sense that it’s such a trial to produce something like that, because it feels very real, and real things come from self-questioning & experience & lessons. I love the music and always come back to it when the time is right.

  10. Yes of course we still love you!!! So glad that you have great projects, as well as in music, personal development, architecture and… Psychiatry. Concerning this last one, please book already my appointment ;-P You’re so precious to us, take great care about yourself,

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