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Cost Of The Summer music video by Night Things

For this week’s Music Video Tuesday we bring you a music video from Night Things, “Cost Of The Summer”. There’s something about dreams and dreaming that is wonderful and upsetting, terrifying, and liberating. It’s the lack of control, the visceral sensation, and the unexpected directions we go in when we’re in that place. Art often channels dreams, they’re one of those human experiences we love expressing. The LA duo of Night Things is a group who are basing their dreampop sound on, oddly enough dreams.

The bands new single, “Cost Of The Summer”, is a jangly guitar song fronted by the voice of Zach Shields and supplemented by bandmate Maize LaRue. It’s a tale of love lost, nostalgia, and lessons learned. The video, directed by Shields, is where the dreaming really comes in. It tells the story of summer romance in several pieces. Starting with the hazy somnolent narrative and sounds of the sea, we move to a warm sun kissed beach of youth and joyous innocence. Then like most dreams we move to another place, the harsh dark nightmare of adulthood where band members Shields and LaRue appear in person. The adult section is a choreographed narrative that’s darker, more urgent and plays out the songs themes of separation and loss. I found the choreography strange at first but as I watched I realized that the discomfort is the lack of control, of someone pulling the strings. Shields doesn’t move of his own accord in this darker dream. This video in both its bright wistful chapters and its dark panicked ones plays perfectly with the dream pop it illustrates.

If you have something you’d like to share with Night Things then note the 80s style late night TV invitation to call into the “Office of Night Things” 800 number, where you’re prompted to leave a message about your dreams. I’m considering what crowd sourced insight I’d like to leave to repay their sharing of this piece of art that’s pulled at my emotions.

Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews is a long-time music contributor for Auxiliary, an electronic music DJ, and the host of the weekly radio show "Sequence" on Buffalo's WBNY 91.3 FM.
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