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The Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal is a Fresh piece for Spring

Auxiliary's Item of the Week the Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal
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Spring is in the air and it’s the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe and treat yourself to some new pieces. You might find your heart’s attracted to a current trend and it’s fun to indulge and immerse yourself in the vibe of the time but expanding your wardrobe with pieces with longevity will be better in the long run. Limit your trendy purchases to a couple and invest in truly original pieces.

Our Item of the Week, the Ouroboros Ring by Beegirlmetal is the latter of the two, a solid and beautiful piece that will be fun and fresh this season as well as wearable for years to come. The ouroboros aligns with the occult trend but this piece is delicate and classic. It’s stylish but sincere.

The Ouroboros Ring is handcrafted from sterling silver and oxidized to show details with a high polish finish. It’s subtle and low profile and will serve as a welcome and calming reminder of the cyclic nature of the universe. This piece could frequent your ensemble everyday or it could be a special piece for trying days or memorable nights. It works just as well with black skinny jeans and a sheer tunic or well fitting dark hued T-shirt as it does with an evening dress or hip blazer.

Beegirlmetal has been crafting jewelry for over 23 years and focuses on funky, edgy, and affordable pieces you won’t find just anywhere. With a background in wedding bands and bridal jewelry, the attention to detail and skill that goes into Beegirlmetal’s pieces is high.

The Sterling Hand Engraved Ouroboros Ring is available online through Beegirlmetal’s Etsy shop.

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