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The Foyer music video by Drab Majesty

Drab Majesty are in the middle of a tour and slated to play Wave Gotik Treffen this year so it’s worth a revisit to “The Foyer”, the strongest track on Drab Majesty’s 2015 album, Careless. It perfectly shows off Deb Demure’s song writing formula of crooning voice, jangly guitar, rich synth bass, and drum machine. His style is steeped in 80s new wave and goth, with comparisons to The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, or early New Order easy to make.

This video is a surreal adventure into a dive California motel room that once through the door (TARDIS like, larger on the inside) takes on a life as a lounge for the alchemist figure that Deb Demure has painted himself out to be. The décor, music, and blue and red light palette make the video feel like a Twin Peaks, Suspiria, and Harry Potter at its darkest mash up. The performance aspect of the video is reserved with Demure mouthing the song to various pans and camera tricks, but the mood more than makes up for it. It’s a pretty song and the visuals are an ideal accompaniment for it.

Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews is a long-time music contributor for Auxiliary, an electronic music DJ, and the host of the weekly radio show "Sequence" on Buffalo's WBNY 91.3 FM.
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