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They’re Just Words (feat. Douglas J McCarthy) music video by ADULT

ADULT have a new album, Detroit House Guests, coming out March 17th on Mute and it features a good gathering of guests. Their new music video for “They’re Just Words” features Nitzer Ebb frontman Douglas McCarthy. With such an iconic artist providing guest vocals for a song, you sure want him to have some face time in the music video and McCarthy gets plenty of it.

The “They’re Just Words (feat. Douglas J McCarthy)” music video has a noir scifi vibe. The dark video is shot at night and has a sense of anticipation with shots of McCarthy and ADULT’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller walking with a purpose and looking out a window looming overhead. The story is told in what is not seen. You get a sense that there is a story, you start to make one up, but the shots and the premise of the video are simple and they let you fill the story in.

At the same time “They’re Just Words (feat. Douglas J McCarthy)” has classic music video elements such as McCarthy and Kuperus singing their lines and a dancer, although eerie and casting shadows. These aspects are nice to have because part of the appeal of ADLUT’s new album Detroit House Guests are all the guests and their notoriety. McCarthy also appears on “We Are a Mirror”, Michael Gira of Swans guests on two tracks, and Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum guests on two tracks.

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