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Snuttock melds the Darker Edges of Synthpop with Industrial Rhythms

To welcome our new advertiser Snuttock we chatted with Bryan Lee about their history and their new remix album Rituals Redux.

Auxiliary Snuttock

Snuttock is the duo of Bryan Lee and Christopher Lee Simmonds and the band melds the darker edges of synthpop with industrial rhythms and the occasional ambient interlude to produce a diverse pathology of electronics. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, they aim to please those who hunger for all things electronic.

Bryan Lee tells us more about Snuttock starting with, “I’d have to pull out an old quote from Christopher for that, ‘it’s invitingly creepy.'” He tells how you he started making music when, “kicking and screaming, my mother, a graduate of the Peabody Conservatory sat me down on the piano bench and started to teach me when I was three years old. Initially when Snuttock started back in 2003 it was just me and a handful of songs. I had the good fortune of meeting Christopher Simmonds at the local Guitar Center. Once I learned of his musical background and witnessed his prowess with both a guitar and mixing board, I convinced him to ‘enlist’ and Snuttock the ‘band’ was born. There are many others that have helped us refine our sound, create a visual presence along the way. One in particular, Mia Regalado, is basically the third member of Snuttock. She has appeared in two of our videos, sung on our albums, shot and edited our four and a half minute Endless Rituals album commercial, and is currently editing a music video we shot last July that she also appears in!”

Auxiliary Snuttock

“Our latest release Rituals Redux is a two CD album full of remixes by stellar artists including Marsheaux, Leaether Strip, [:SITD:], Sebastian Komor, Psy’Aviah, Metroland, and many more!” Their newest endeavor Bryan says is, “our latest music video for Leaether Strip’s remix of our song ‘Attention’. It features a special appearance by Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip, and also stars actress and model Alisa Baksheeva. Ms. Baksheeva’s outfit is a custom design by alternative fashion label Lelash based in Sydney, Australia. Shot by accomplished director Ernie Mosteller of Fried Okra Entertainment, it was a blast to make and turned out great!” Also Bryan explains, “we’ve got two more music videos currently in various editing stages, and of course we’re always working on new music.”

Auxiliary Snuttock

You can keep an eye out for that new music by following Snuttock on Facebook and Bandcamp and grab a copy of Rituals Redux directly from their label/distributor Morphius Records.

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