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Scary Lady Sarah winner of Best DJ of 2016

Scary Lady Sarah won our Best DJ of 2016 award and we talked with her about the past, 2016, and the future.

The Auxiliary Awards Best DJ of 2016 IAMX

How do you see the development of your DJ career from its start through now?
Scary Lady Sarah : When I started as a nightclub DJ, it was a different era, which included different technology. There was no internet to promote yourself, it took a lot more effort to seek out and acquire music to play, and it was unheard of that someone in our subculture would opt to stay in and play video games rather than go out to a club night. I’ve utilized the old ways along with the new as they’ve developed and have endeavored to stay in close touch with my patrons so that my DJing stays vibrant and reflective of their wants and needs. I’ve become more flexible in terms of taking song requests and stretching genres at some of my events.

What do you think was your greatest achievement of 2016?
SLS : My wedding to the love of my life, William Faith! It was a dream come true. Winning both the Chicago Nightlife Awards “Best DJ of 2016” and the Auxiliary Magazine “Best DJ of 2016” awards was very gratifying, humbling and wonderful!

What was the greatest obstacle of 2016?
SLS : The people in my social groups were affected very much by the trying and stressful political climate in the US. As an entertainer, I had to keep in mind the fragile emotional state and tension in the air due to this and work extra hard to provide much needed events at which people could let go and have fun in a comfortable environment while letting them know they were not alone. Alternative/goth scenes should already be a haven for those who may feel they are outside conventional norms and I felt I needed to provide that even more than usual.

To what do you feel you owe your success?
SLS : My absolute and undying passion for music, my unbridled social nature, staying in touch with one’s patrons is key, and sheer tenacity.

What’s one big goal you still hope to achieve?
SLS : I’d like to DJ in parts of the world I’ve not yet, Australia, Japan, South America, and greatly improve my guitar playing and singing, I’m in the band The Bellwether Syndicate.

What are your plans for 2017?
SLS : In 2017, I already have guest DJ spots scheduled for San Fransisco and Germany. There is a possible South American tour in the works for my band, which would include me DJing on some of those dates, along with my husband, we often DJ together under the name “The Pirate Twins”. A lot of planning this year is going into the following year, when my club night Nocturna turns 30, a book is under way to commemorate that anniversary. More travel, more discovery of new great music, and increasing and improving my existing nightlife events are all in the cards for 2017.

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