The Auxiliaries

The Best in Alternative Culture and Subculture of 2016

We bring you the best in alternative culture and subculture of 2016. Here are the winners of the 2016 Auxiliary Awards!

2016 brings the first year of The Auxiliaries, awards for the best in alternative culture and subculture, the best of the unique and independent. Auxiliary would like to honor the best of 2016, those who really stood out, those who really embodied the Auxiliary spirit and aesthetic.

Voting for The Auxiliaries took place in two rounds. The first round was for open nominations and readers could nominate any company or individual they felt was fitting of the award. The second round was between 5 official nominees based on number of votes, reader opinions, and the nominees’ accomplishments throughout 2016. The winner of the award has gone to the official nominee with the most votes.

The 2016 Auxiliary Award Winners

Best Fashion Designer : Darkspectre Custom Couture

The Auxiliary Awards Best Fashion Designer of 2016 Darkspectre

Best Brick and Mortar Store : Vagabond Saints

The Auxiliary Awards Best Brick and Mortar Store of 2016 Vagabond Saints

Best Online Store : Sourpuss Clothing

The Auxiliary Awards Best Online Store of 2016 Sourpuss Clothing

Best Blog : La Carmina

The Auxiliary Awards Best Blog of 2016 La Carmina

Best Band : IAMX

The Auxiliary Awards Best Band of 2016 IAMX

Best Album : Blackstar by David Bowie

The Auxiliary Awards Best Album of 2016 Blackstar by David Bowie

Best Music Video : Lazarus by David Bowie

The Auxiliary Awards Best Music Video of 2016 Lazarus by David Bowie

Best DJ : Scary Lady Sarah

The Auxiliary Awards Best DJ of 2016 IAMX

Best Club Night : Schwarzer Reigen in Vienna, Austria

Best Festival : Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany

The Auxiliary Awards Best Festival of 2016 Wave Gotik Treffen

Best Artist : Zoetica Ebb

The Auxiliary Awards Best Artist of 2016 Zoetica Ebb

Best Photographer : Laura Dark Photography

The Auxiliary Awards Best Photographer of 2016 Laura Dark

Best Makeup Artist : Deanna Roberts aka Makeup Vamp

The Auxiliary Awards Best Makeup Artist of 2016 Makeup Vamp

Best Hair Stylist : Cat Monster

The Auxiliary Awards Best Hair Stylist of 2016 Cat Monster

Best Beauty Product : Blush and Eyeshadow Palette by Ultraviolet Cosmetics

The Auxiliary Awards Best Beauty Product of 2016 Ultraviolet Cosmetics

Best Model : Myles Sexton

The Auxiliary Awards Best Model of 2016 IAMX

Thank you to everyone that voted!

Follow this link to see all of the nominations for 2016!

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  1. Can’t believe schwarzer Reigen really made it! Come visit us in Vienna’s Palais Eschenbach and Castle Neuhaus soon ^v^

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