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The Oracle Pendant by Omnia will be your new Everyday Necklace

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Everyone needs an everyday necklace, a signature piece that is there go to. It can be useful for busy days when you’re rushing to get ready. It can bring you some comfort as a piece that is unique and fitting for you. A stunning modestly sized pendent is the one to choose for an everyday necklace, one in sterling silver (or brass or rose gold if you prefer).

The Oracle Pendant by Omnia would make the ideal everyday necklace. It is detailed and eye catching but not too big, flashy, or over the top. This pendent can have personal meaning, it can be your own real little crystal ball around your neck. Hold it to clear your mind and gaze deep within. The pendent is sterling silver and the hands hold a natural quartz crystal. With an 18 inch chain, it hangs at an easy to style length.

The Oracle Pendant on its chain would pair well with almost any outfit. The level of detail allows it to be styled with more dressy looks but it could also serve to play up a casual look. With just black leggings, a black tunic, black boots, and this necklace you’d be good to go.

Omnia design jewelry for the unearthly and are based out of South Carolina. They design pendents, rings, earrings, and custom pieces.

The Oracle Pendant is available online through Omnia’s webstore.

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