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The Beautiful People music video by Roniit

Roniit aims to be more than a vocalist and songwriter she aims to be a visual artist as well putting together conceptual projects that share a message. Roniit covered Marilyn Manson’s iconic song “The Beautiful People” and produced a music video for it to showcase Killstar’s clothing and to share a story. Roniit’s version of “The Beautiful People” brings her own interpretation of the song lyrically as well as musically by bringing her ethereal and epic atmospheric sound to it.

Roniit explains, “‘The Beautiful People’ is the video I’ve always wanted to make. I often find myself surrounded by people who have a similar backstory: made fun of as a kid, very different from the norm, considered weird by most, but grown into amazingly talented and special adults. These weirdos are the most interesting people I know, but we all have our battle scars. My goal with this video was to bring people together, send the message that being different is awesome, and let’s be honest, make some friends and spend a Saturday evening having a seance. I’m extremely honored to present this in collaboration with my favorite fashion brand, Killstar who have been empowering freaks like me for years.”

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