The Auxiliaries

Vote for the Best Model of 2016

Cast your vote for the best alternative model of 2016! 2016 brings the first year of The Auxiliaries, awards for the best in alternative culture and subculture, the best of the unique and independent. Auxiliary would like to honor the best of 2016, those who really stood out, those who really embodied the Auxiliary spirit and aesthetic.

Vote for the Best Model of 2016

First Round
The first round was from December 28th to January 12th and is now closed. Through open nominations the following Models were nominated: Agata Waclawska, Alex No, Annalee Belle, Červená Fox, Devastatia, HellCath, Jayjay Kings, Kassandra Love, Kehli G, Kelly Eden, Masuimi Max, Melissa Drew, Miss Miranda, Mosh, Myles Sexton, Nicole Vaunt, Nina de Lianin, Odette Despairr, Ophelia Overdose, Psylocke, Raquel Reed, RazorCandi, Sister Sinister, Threnody In Velvet, and Ulorin Vex.

Second Round
The second round was from January 14th to January 20th and was to choose the winner of the award. Five official nominees were chosen based on number of votes, reader opinions, and the nominees’ accomplishments throughout 2016. Voting was limited to once per day. The nominee with the most votes in the second round received the award. Odette Despairr, Kassandra Love, Ophelia Overdose, Myles Sexton, and Threnody In Velvet are the five official nominees.

Voting is now closed. Thank you to everyone that voted!

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