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Rise music video by Roniit

Roniit graced the cover of our Music Issue last year and recently she has released a new music video titled “Rise” that documents her journey from then to now. With that issue we declared her a pop sorceress and she has continued to nurture and develop her dark and creative aesthetic.

We can’t go on better than Roniit herself, “rise is about overcoming the fear of taking risks and finding the strength to close one door so another can open.  It’s about leaving the cocoon.  This song was crafted as I was leaving behind a life I didn’t want, to become the artist I am today. ”

“Exactly one year ago I made the choice to leave a job in the music industry that was keeping me from following my dreams.  I was burnt out after spending three years helping other artists make a living, but not really living myself.  I longed to spend my days creating music and art, but I really only had a couple exhausted hours after work.  I felt like my soul was rapidly deteriorating as I sat behind that desk.  I knew I needed to leave but I was afraid that I wasn’t a good enough artist or business woman to figure out how to make money without that steady paycheck.  But we live in a golden age for independent artists and internet entrepreneurs, so I figured if they can do it, why can’t I?”

“When I finally got the courage to leave I decided to return home to Colorado to re-group.  Everett and I rented a camera and embarked on an epic road trip through Northern California, Utah and Colorado, filming everything along the way.  It was the first time we were able to be creative for an entire week without any interruption. ”

“Upon arriving in Colorado I was amazed to find that my best fan had sent me the gift of my lifetime, a Sony A7s camera.  This amazing gift inspired me to spend days experimenting, creating, and going on adventures just to capture something beautiful.  I spent three months finding myself, re-learning to produce music, and driving out to beautiful spots to mediate and film the scenery.”

I returned to California in November and moved into a house in the forest near Los Angeles.  I was fortunate enough to have Kerli [Estonian pop singer and songwriter] join me and together we painted every wall, ceiling and trim from poop brown to glorious black and white.  We renovated furniture from the dump, and created our dream fairy tale cottage in the mountains. The Crescent Manor became my sanctuary, an artist retreat that I rent out to make a living, a photo location, and so much more.  As we created we documented, and when the fog would roll in over the hills we would of course run outside to catch it.

“In the following months I felt myself evolving.  Becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be and actually enjoying life.  And as it turns out when you do what you love the money follows.  You create your own reality. ”

“The last year of my life has been captured beautifully as we spent so many days going on spontaneous adventures, experimenting with the camera, and charting unknown territory.  So this is my journey, I’m a fucking butterfly now.”

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