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Heartless music video premiere by Bestial Mouths

Fresh from their hugely successful European tour, Los Angeles based dark electronic group Bestial Mouths have released the first music video from their new album on Cleopatra Records, Heartless. Auxiliary is excited to premiere it! Directed and co-conceived by Niko Sonnberger, “Heartless” features the title track from the album and stars vocalist Lynette Cerezo in the stark white garb of a mental institution patient as she twists and contorts her body to the intense tribal rhythms of the song. Close-ups of Cerezo’s anguished face and editing techniques that include reverse motion and split screen frames, courtesy of editor Diana Lopez, build the subtle emotional turmoil to a chaotic climax. “The video is more of a collaboration between Niko and I,” Cerezo explains, “we discussed my vision and feelings about the song and came up with the concept together.” The minimalist, bleach-white color scheme and angular cinematography, accomplished by Spencer Rollins, comes inspired by images and accounts of female hysteria, a pseudo-medical disorder that was once a common diagnosis in the 19th century for overly emotional or overtly sexual women, as well as Żuławski’s 1981 cult film Possession. However, the full meaning of the video, Cerezo affirms, “is left to the viewer as the imagery plays on the concept of sanity/insanity and time/reality, reappearing/disappearing.”

Bestial Mouths pool together a diverse group of influences to create a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo’s powerful vocals. Musically, the band channels early industrial, EBM, goth, and minimal synthpop in turns, blending harsh electronics and lush melodies. Heartless is the most fully realized album from Bestial Mouths thus far, but it is also their most approachable album, offering listeners infectious hooks and danceable grooves aplenty.

This music video is fitting for Bestial Mouths, a group that takes the visual aspects of their band very seriously. From provocative album cover art to sublimely conceived photoshoots, Cerezo pushes aesthetic boundaries nearly as much as she pushes musical boundaries. Discussing the “Heartless” music video, Cerezo explains, “this one was especially challenging in pushing myself to new levels. With the help of choreographer Mecca Vazie Andrews and the dancers, I got to recall my past ballet/dance training in order to channel the emotions that the song conjures up.”

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