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Wednesday Night Melody by Bleached

Los Angeles punk rock band Bleached have returned to the music scene with the debut of their “Wednesday Night Melody” music video. This track is the second off their sophomore album, Welcome The Worms, released April 1st following lead single “Keep On Keepin’ On”.

The song itself is extremely catchy and indicative of Bleached’s signature style, which is a mixture of punchy pop and punk garage rock flair. It also has a nostalgic 90s feel, reminiscent of other great female-fronted rock bands, like L7 and The Breeders.

The music video starts off with guitarist Jessica Clavin, bassist Micayla Grace, and drummer Marc Jordan driving away from the Hollywood sign frantically checking their phones trying to get a hold of lead singer Jennifer Clavin. They pull up to a house and emerge to find Jennifer lying on the floor, her cheeks blue and limbs gone limp. Her sister Jessica attempts to shake her awake, but it’s no use. She’s dead. In a hurry to get to a scheduled show the band plops Jennifer into the backseat of the car, stopping once to let Micayla out to heave. Eventually arriving to a music venue called The Smell, determined to play the show, they decide to scrawl eyes on Jennifer’s eyelids and hoist her up with a system of various pulleys and tape a guitar to her body. The rest of the video mimics Weekend at Bernie’s as they proceed to play their set with a dead girl bopping around on stage and then party with her afterward with no one else in the room raising any suspicion. In the end they drop her off in a field leaving her with balloons and a cute little teddy bear that says RIP.

The band has revealed that the video is symbolic of the tumultuous times sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin faced while making their latest album. Despite both of them battling tough times, no matter what they were going through, when they got together to write and play, everything troublesome in their lives seemed to fade away.

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