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A Halo In The Dirt by Ashton Nyte

In celebration of his birthday, Ashton Nyte has released a music video for “A Halo In The Dirt” and Auxiliary Magazine is excited to premiere it! Ashton Nyte is a singer, songwriter, musician, and frontman of the gothic rock band The Awakening. “A Halo In The Dirt” is the third single from Nyte’s latest solo album Some Kind Of Satellite, following the cinematic “Dressing Like You” and B-movie inspired “See Me Cry”. Nyte has described “A Halo In The Dirt” as his favorite song on Some Kind Of Satellite and one of his most personal offerings. Next on the horizon for Nyte is the release of Mark Gemini Thwaite’s new album Volumes. Nyte has written lyrics and recorded vocals for two tracks on the album for British guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite aka MGT who has worked with Peter Murphy, The Mission, and Gary Numan. The album will also feature Ville Valo aka HIM, Wayne Hussey of The Mission, and Raymond Watts of Pig and KMFDM. Nyte was introduced to Thwaite last year after Nyte supported Wayne Hussey’s theater tour of South Africa. Some Kind Of Satellite will be released in China this year as well and Nyte hopes to perform there soon. When watching “A Halo In The Dirt”, keep your eyes peeled for a flowing Rose Mortem gown. Watch and have an exclusive first look!

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