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Ophelia’s Armor Thigh Highs by Carousel Ink

Carousel Ink Ophelia's Armor
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Carousel Ink Ophelia's Armor

This week’s featured item is the Ophelia’s Armor Thigh Highs by Carousel Ink. A variety of components make these thigh highs very desirable. They feature a whimsical dragon scale design that goes all the way down to the toes and is printed on black cotton with glitter white ink. The comfortable cotton fabric with the perfect amount of stretch and a one inch elastic band combine to ensure that they will stay up on their own. To top it off, each pair is made from scratch in the United States.

These thigh highs are a great statement piece. They would pair nicely with ankle boots or a with baby doll dress and garters. Dress them up or dress them down. The pattern is unique but not too distinct so it will work well for a variety of styles and looks.

The Ophelia’s Armor Thigh Highs are available through Carousel Ink’s online store, from their Etsy shop, or at their store in Nashville.

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