Top 20 Albums of 2014


††† (Crosses) ††† – Teaming up Chino Moreno (Deftones), Shaun Lopez (Far), and Chuck Doom has turned out pretty well. Moreno’s vocals and the mostly electronic compositions are a perfect match for this tense gritty synth album.

3Teeth 3Teeth – 3Teeth smashed onto the scene with this brutal release. They managed to draw from both the industrial scene and the metal scene, something that only a few bands have done well.

Antigen Shift Brotherhood – The first release in eight years has a noticeable maturity. Filling out the basics with melody and samples, this is the rhythmic noise generation’s next step.

Blac Kolor Wide Noise – Not sure who they are or where they came from but Blac Kolor’s debut is a club hit. Old school EBM meets a fresh incarnation in a techno vibe.

Cocksure TVMALSV – Chris Connelly and DJ? Acucrack, yes please! This is an in your face industrial album that harkens back to the early days of the Revolting Cocks. Thumb your nose at the world and listen up.

Chrysalide Personal Revolution – Raw and powerful, thought provoking and opinionated, sound like what industrial music use to be? Chrysalide manage to provide this in spades with a more polished album than their last.

Cygnets Sleepwalkers – Cygnets is one of those underground bands that get recognition from other bands. Sleepwalkers is a great album and with room for improvement. Is 2015 the year Cygnets becomes a household name?

Displacer + Nimon House of the Dying Sun – If this sublime audio gift is an indication of what Canada’s Displacer and UK’s Nimon can do when they collaborate, then we need much much more!

Dreamstate Seven Semblance – Rumor has it Dreamstate Seven has a second album in the pipe as a followup on his debut Semblance. Welcome the day, can’t get enough!

FKA twigs LP 1 – Sweet and softly spoken lyrics with great hip hop production make this Brit’s first LP a must listen. Whether you’re a fan of trip hop, R&B, downtempo, hip hop, or just looking for something lovely, don’t miss this.

Front Line Assembly ECHOES – A killer remix album to follow up the newest studio album. There’s a solid cast of remixers and two new songs to check out.

Gazelle Twin Unflesh – While Unflesh isn’t exactly an album you can toss on at any moment, it is an album you will always enjoy when the time is right. Truly a work of art.

Liars Mess – Grab your dancing shoes, this album will make you shake your bum. There is a perfect blend of darkness, fun, and addictive properties that keeps Mess on repeat.

Mlada Fronta Polygon – Stripping away more experimental and industrial elements from his brand of techno has only made it better. The intelligent complexity remains, but Polygon is still accessible dance music.

Mr.Kitty Time – Time is a good name for this album as it pulled in influences from what was going on in the late 2013/early 2014 underground electronic scene. Forest managed to take these elements and toss in his own flavor.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Spooky Tricks – If you were ever a TKK fan you have to love this album. All the great aspects of the band and a slightly updated sound. Fun and raunchy!

Paul Kendall Family Value Pack – If you’ve ever wondered what good clean production should sound like, listen here. Producer/engineer Kendall writes music of his own and creates an engulfing sound experience.

The Birthday Massacre Superstition – TBM’s blend of synth and goth rock have garnered them a pretty diehard following. Superstition will continue this trend as it kicks ass, just like all their other albums.

Tonikom Seeking The Lost Mind – Intelligent, well produced, carefully crafted, emotionally moving IDM. Rachel Maloney has a real talent for pulling pieces from other genres to make something all her own.

Trust Joyland – This sophomore album is dark synthpop at its best. Moody, emotional, and dance infused. Robert Alfons’ baritone vocals are both soothing and brooding.

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