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Radiant Glow Gift Set by Odacite

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Dry, cold winter months will have even the most unlikely individuals in search of an effective moisturizer. Finding a moisturizer that will actually live up to its claims and without causing breakouts or irritation is quite a feat on its own. Might we suggest going the natural route? This moisturizing routine won’t have you crushing up avocados and spreading them all over your face in your time off work. The Odacite Radiant Glow holiday skin cocktail contains toxin free oils that will leave your skin refreshed, moisturized, and glowing this festive season. The toxin free kit contains wild carrot serum as well as green tea and lemongrass serum concentrate possessing fatty acids and antioxidants. With a no fuss, no muss application the oils can be used on their own or mixed in to a moisturizing cream. This gift is great for the beauty maven or the hard working, sensitive-skinned person on your list. These kits can be found at The Detox Market, a California and Toronto based store that carries many small toxin free, natural hand crafted wellness lines.

The Odacite Radiant Glow Gift Set is available online for $94 at and

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