item of the week : Honey Bee Necklace by Missy Industry


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This eye-catching Honey Bee Necklace by Montreal jewelry designer Missy Industry could work as a gift for the boys or girls on your list. Support the local and small this holiday season and shop with artisans and craftsman. By shopping with Missy Industry, you are supporting an independent and unique designer and you’re creating a community that supports talented artists. Designer Melissa “Missy” Lafrenière is thankful for her business and explains, “I believe my work will keep me happy, healthy, and sane!” As a proud owner of many of Lafrenière’s designs, I can attest to their quality and beauty. I have a ring I purchased years ago and still wear everyday. This bronze pendent with an oxidized finish will be a piece the lucky recipient on your list can wear for years to come.

– Jennifer Link

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